It’s in the stars. Three galactic mowers exclusive and on special offer

New for this year and exclusive to MowDirect are three great mowers from MTX offering great value for money.

Well designed and with powerful engines, they are just the trick for summer (if we get one) when the lawn needs to be at its best for evening parties or just lazing around marvelling at mother nature’s way of allowing weeds to grow faster than flowers.

First is one ideal for smaller gardens where a narrow cutting machine is needed to get along garden paths and flower beds.

MTX Mercury lawnmower
Real value: MTX Mercury lawnmower

The MTX Mercury 40P Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is a great little machine for areas around 400m2 and has a 98.5cc engine. Our review pages are full of positive comments about this machine “a great value, good handling, efficient machine”,”Great mower. Build quality excellent, easy to put together, works brilliantly” and  “A great machine for the money.”

The cutting width is 40cm and cutting heights are from 27mm to 75mm.

The grass box holds 45 litres of clippings and the handlebars can be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

This little mower costs £139, £60 below the recommended retail price and has a two-year warranty. And we deliver it free the next working day.

One step up is the MTX Neptune 48S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower, also on exclusive special offer, powered by a larger, 139cc, MTX engine.

These MTX engines have been designed to minimise fuel costs and emissions and are very easy to start.

Customers are loving this machine, leaving such comments as “Excellent product”,  “It’s quiet & runs lovely” and “…a great mid-range lawnmower at a great price.”

A steel cutting deck, rather than a plastic one fitted to some mowers, gives the machine its strength and helps it tackle rougher areas.

MTX Neptune lawnmower
Self-propelled: MTX Neptune lawnmower

The Neptune lets you collect the clippings as well as mulch them, where they are held in the cutting deck and trimmed down to very small particles before falling back to the lawn where they break down, providing a useful fertiliser as they do so.

In the area where appearance is not so important you can let them just drop at the rear of the mower.

The grass box holds 65 litres and the cutting width is 48cm.

This one costs £229, a saving of £70 compared to the recommended price and has a two-year warranty and FREE Uk mainland delivery the next working day.

And the top-of-the-range machine is the MTX Jupiter 53SPA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Alloy Deck.

MTX Jupiter lawnmower
Alloy deck: MTX Jupiter lawnmower

This one, as the name suggests, has an aluminium cutting deck to resist corrosion and give a long life and is powered by a 170cc engine.

With its wider, 53cm, cutting deck it is suitable for larger lawns. The grass box holds 75 litres and cutting heights are from 25mm to 75mm. This one is also prompting praise from our reviewing customers “extremely impressed with its quality and performance” and “big and strong”

As an added feature, it has a carrying handle at the front to make it easier to move around. There is also a front bumper. Well, you never know …

It costs £299, a full  £130 beneath the recommended selling price and we deliver it FREE the next working day after you place your order. Plus there is a two-year warranty.

We have a massive selection of mowers on these pages and remember you can always give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like our advice.


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