Football’s Going to France. Tennis is Already There. I’ll Stay Home with a Morrison Oxford

Well. No sooner have we welcomed the sunshine with open arms, staggered outside, blinking and bathed in the sparkly sunlight to review our lawns, beds, sheds and hedges than sport, only just put to bed with the, frankly unexpected, achievement of Leicester City comes alive again.

Not that today is exactly the best of the summer but, you know, like James Bond, it will return. And then… such sporting larks Pip.

We already have the French Open at the Roland Garos, you know, the one that is played on a kind of beach in the middle of Paris and that Raphael Nadal has won more times than I’ve had a pint of Cloudy Frog IPA. He can’t win this year of course because he has a hurty wrist. Maybe Andy will come through.

And of course we have the Olympic Games to look forward to with their exciting running, jumping, throwing and drugs testing. Personally I can’t wait to find out if someone can shave 0.00000000033 of a second off someone else’s equally gobsmacking time due to a new design of latex shorts, expanded rubber widgets in their running shoes or some carefully snorted steroids.

This coming season we have the Euros, the one we always feel we can win until, with the regularity of a plane landing at Heathrow, we come up against and lose to …ooh…let’s see… the Germans, Portugal, Outer Mongolia, some toddlers, or anyone else who can kick a football.

“Penalties again?”

I will, and always have, supported England in international football but my joy packs a bag and prepares to go on an extended holiday every time a major competition crops up. Still. We have a promising squad, we’ve won most of our friendlies, we have some great young players who are keen to make an impact and…DOH! There I go again with my Ovine optimism, bleating with pride every time we score a goal or complete a pass.  There’s nothing else for it, “COME ON ENGLAND! YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS.”

However, I shall restrict my shouting, bleating, groaning, cheering and uncontrollable sobbing to the room where I keep my flatscreen or possibly the bar with the steam-driven TV in the Slug and Squirrel where at least my disappointment can be eased a little with a pint of Fuggles Little Black Beauty.

So, since I won’t be heading across the channel to actually go to the matches, I will be spending some time

Morrison Oxford lawnmower
Shiny snappy and, frankly, excellent

putting ‘Three Lines On My Lawn’ as I recommended in our recent newsletter. And how does one do that? I hear you earnestly request.  Well, you could do worse than look at the Morrison Oxford Rear-Roller Lawn Mower. This, whether you choose the 48RS or the extra wide 54RS, is a top-end premium machine, brimming with design excellence and is a heavy-duty, beautifully constructed lawn mower, delivering great performance and is, as one of our happy customers posted “easy to use and gives a great strip”. Both Oxford models have a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine (163/cc and 190cc) and are seriously classy machines. In fact, the whole Morrison range is worth taking a glance at, from push to self-propelled and from rear-roller to straightforward honest-to-goodness rotary mower. Take a look at them here and marvel at their shiny loveliness. 

These high-quality mowers are totally exclusive to MowDirect and can therefore be offered at great prices with top deals. FREE delivery (UK Mainland), FREE oil and great prices – the 48RS is £599, a full £200 below the manufacturer’s price and the 54RS comes in at £699, again £200 less than the RRP.

So this summer, concentrate on your own playing fields ‘cos whether it’s the French Open, the Olympics, Wimbledon or the Euros, your own lawn is really the only green and pleasant place to be.   Enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy.

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