Ten great deals on petrol lawnmowers, many exclusive and new for 2016

Recent showers and belting hot sun have made the lawns grow apace and you can now start to lower the cutting heights on the mower.

Smaller lawns look better when cut short but many people like to leave a good covering of grass, especially if you have larger lawns.

So with the birds singing, sun warming up the soil and acres of white flesh being exposed for its first dose of the sun’s rays, here are ten cracking mower deals to give your lawns a summery feel.

MTX Mercury lawnmower
Real value: MTX Mercury lawnmower

The first is a great little machine for smaller lawns, exclusive to MowDirect new for this season and especially imported from the USA.

The MTX Mercury 40P Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is fitted with a recently-developed 98.5cc engine and has a cutting width of 40cm.

This means it’s easy to push around flower beds and furniture – a self-propelled one tends to take over in tight areas unless you’re careful.

Cutting heights are from 28mm to 75mm and the grass box holds 45 litres of clippings.

Although a small machine it is very solidly built with a steel cutting deck giving it great rigidity. And the handlebars can be adjusted to suit the height of the person mowing.

It costs £139, £60 off the recommended price and has a two year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

This next one is another one for smaller lawns and is also hand-propelled.

Morrison Surecut 3-in-1 Petrol Push Lawnmower has a Briggs & Stratton 125cc engine which will give along life and keep fuel costs down.

Morrison Surecut lawnmower
Versatile: Morrison Surecut Lawnmower

And it is also easy and quick to fire up.

With this mower you can collect the clippings, mulch them and discharge them at the back where a neat finish is not so important like paths or small orchards.

And this one will cut the lawn right down to 15mm, a very low height for a mower which does not have a rear roller.

It is again easy to negotiate garden furniture and garden paths especially so as it is fitted with larger rear wheels.

This is another new and exclusive mower and costs £199, £50 off the price recommended. There is a five-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Another one new and exclusive to MowDirect this year is the MTX Neptune 48S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower.

MTX Neptune lawnmower
Self-propelled: MTX Neptune lawnmower

This one has a 139cc MTX engine and a steel cutter deck and with this one the rear wheels are driven by the engine making it easier to use – it trundles along at a comfortable 3.6mph.

You can either collect the clippings in the 65 litre grass box, discharge them at the back or mulch them.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 75mm adjusted by a single lever and with the handlebars adjustable to suit the person mowing this is a very neat and comfortable mower to use.

It costs £229, £70 off the recommended price, has a two-year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

MTD M53BS lawnmower
American power: MTD M53BS lawnmower

Now one on exclusive special offer with a wider cut for larger lawns.

The MTD 53BS Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower has a Briggs & Stratton 150cc engine, tried and tested and very reliable.

This engine can take on sloping lawns and thicker grass and has six cutting heights from 20mm to 90mm.

It is another very solid lawnmower and comes with a massive 80-litre grass box; and it was designed with lawns around 1000m2 in mind.

This one costs £249, £120 off the maker’s recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a two-year warranty.

Now one from a leading German manufacturer of garden machinery and one which offers five ways of dealing with the cut grass.

The Einhell GC-PM 47 SHW 5-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower, another new and exclusive machine for 2016, has a 47cm cutting width.

Einhell GC-PM 47 SHW lawnmower
Versatile: Einhell GC-PM 47 SHW lawnmower

And the grass can be either discharged and the side or rear or dropped from the cutting deck or it can be collected or mulched.

This makes it an excellent mower if you have a variety of different grasses to cut.

It has a 47cm cutting width and the maker’s own 139cc engine designed to be a quick starter.

It has six cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm and has Einhell’s Vortex technology with a blade which brings each blade of grass upright before it is cut leading to a better finish.

It also helps when cutting wet grass. And it has a large grass box which holds 75 litres.

It costs £279.95, £120 off the recommended selling price, has a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Now one made for a long life as it has an alloy cutting deck which will resis corrosion while keeping the overall weight down.

MTX Jupiter lawnmower
Alloy deck: MTX Jupiter lawnmower

The MTX Jupiter 53SPA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Alloy Deck, on exclusive special offer has a 170cc engine, lest you either mulch collect the clippings or discharge them in the less well-kept areas.

It has a 53cm cutting width and cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm.

There is also a front bumper in case you should nudge something and a carrying handle which makes it easier to move around.

It is delivered free the next working day, has a two-year warranty and costs £299, and that’s, £130 off the recommended retail price.

Now one of our tried-and-trusted best sellers with a host of excellent reviews.

The Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower will let you collect the clippings – there is a giant 70-litre grass box – mulch them or discharge to the side or back.

The 196cc Emak engine has plenty of power to tackle thicker grass as well as sloping lawns. And it has six cutting heights from 28mm to 75mm.

Oleo-Mac G53-TK Plus 4 lawnmower
Biggest lawns: Oleo-Mac G53-TK Allroad Plus4 lawnmower

Large rear wheels make it easy to navigate around garden ornaments and trees.

This one has long five year warranty from the manufacturer, one of the leading makers of garden machinery based in Italy.

It costs £329.95, £170 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day.

We know that many of you prefer a striped finish to your lawn and this one from a favourite British brand will certainly do the trick.

The Mountfield SP42R Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower, yet another on exclusive special offer, has a 100cc engine, an easy starter, and has five setting heights from 20mm to 70mm.

Mountfield SP425R lawn mower
Neat stripes: Mountfield SP425R lawn mower

The grass box holds 55 litres and the cutting width is 42cm making it suitable for a medium-sized lawn of around 500m2 where a traditional finish is all important.

The steel cutting deck is powder coated to resist scratches and corrosion.

It costs £349, a saving of £50 on the recommended retail price and it is delivered the next working day for free with a two year warranty and a bottle of engine oil to get you mowing straight away.

Now another real garden workhorse made to tackle all types of grasses from smooth lawns to small paddocks and orchards and those little areas which need cutting but where the finish is not so important.

Einhell GC-PM 56 SHW 5 in 1 lawnmower
Wide cut: Einhell 56 GC-PM 5 in lawnmower

The Einhell GC-PM 56 SHW 5-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower will collect the clippings, mulch them, cut and drop them straight back to the ground or will discharge them to the back or side.

This mower has the maker’s Vortec technology mentioned earlier to give an efficient, neat cut even in wet weather.

There are six cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm and a giant grass box which holds 80 litres. The engine is Einhell’s own, 173cc and very simple to start.

High rear wheels make it easy to steer around flow beds and the like and make it easier for the mower to tackle less well-kept areas.

Delivered free the next working day with a two year warranty it costs £349.95, a full £200 off the maker’s recommended price.

And finally, a new and exclusive rear roller mower really well built and designed for a log life.

The Morrison Oxford 48RS Self-Propelled Petrol Roller Lawnmower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine which automatically decompresses to make starting easy, one which is made for a long working life.

The heavy steel rear roller will leave a striped finish and let you cut close up to the edges of flower beds and borders. And it is fitted with the maker’s Quick-Cut blade which will save 15 percent on cutting time.

Morrison Oxford lawnmower
Neat stripes: Morrison Oxford lawnmower

It has a aluminium cutting deck which has a 15 year warranty, further proof that this top spec mower is made to last.

The cutting width is 46cm making it suitable for lawns up to 1000m2. Cutting heights are from a very low 10mm to 70mm.

It costs £599, £200 off the maker’s recommended price, has a five year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

These are just ten of the mowers on our site but please give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like our advice before buying. We’re here during normal office hours.

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