Mower, Mower, Mower (How do you like it? How do you like it?)

OK. So it’s an old beautifully cheesy, brilliant, DISCO disco track by Andrea True Connection, a huge hot hit in 1976 (number 5 in GB and number 4 on the US Billboard charts) but it’s also highly appropriate as the lucky (and smart) winner of our recent Facebook competition, Susan J Harrison gained true possession of a fabulous Mountfield Princess 34LI Cordless Four-Wheel Rear-Roller Lawn Mower. (See Main Picture)

Susan's new mower. A coffee table, TV and sofa in the shed? There's posh.
Susan’s new mower takes pride of place in Britain’s poshest shed.

Susan entered our ‘Three Little Words’ competition on Facebook, last month and her description of our new look website “Informative. Modern. Responsive” took her into the winning position ahead of nearly a thousand entries. Well done again Susan.

And how does she like it? Well she was absolutely delighted when she won and, it seems,  is even more delighted has now she has used it, saying  “I’m loving the mower. So much easier than our old petrol one.”

Well said Susan.  It is an easy mower to use, quiet and powerful with no cables to tie you down or fumes to choke you up. It uses a high-performance 48V (4.0Ah) lithium-ion battery that you can charge to capacity in less than 2 hours, and the mower with a this charge will cut up to around 300-square-metres depending on how difficult grass conditions are of course. These batteries last longer, run longer and don’t lose their charge when stored, so what you leave in it when you finish your lawn is what you get when you take it out again. The Princess 34Li is on a special deal right now and costs £299, £40 below the RRP.  

So once again, congratulations Susan. A very worthy winner and, by the look of it, the owner of the world’s smartest mower storage area.

In the meantime. Have you entered our latest competition yet? As you can see, we like to give away nice things and our  ‘Write A Review’ competition winner will receive a case of champagne to make the forthcoming late Spring and early summer go with a pleasant ‘pop’ if not a bang.

All you have to do is pop along to the site, find a product you have bought from us, recently or even some time ago and, if you not reviewed it before, write a review between 50 and 250 words.

Tell us what you think, features, advantages, disadvantages, what you like, anything you don’t  and be as helpful, informative and instructive as you can to help other customers understand the product.

You must review the product alone, not our service or site and you mustn’t use bad language, personal insults or mention other companies or sites. Oh, and don’t put in personal details like addresses etc.

We will close this at the end of May and pick our winner.

And that’s pretty much it. We will award the CASE OF CHAMPAGNE to the reviewer who we judge to have written the most informative, helpful and readable piece.

Good Luck!!    Drew Hardy.


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