Sparkling News For All Our Customers. Win A Case of Champagne.

Hello everyone.

Great news. As you probably know, we re-launched our site back in March and we’ve had some fantastic feedback. It seems you like the new look and find the site easier to navigate, and to locate what you need.

As part of our continual development, and to make the site even more helpful, we have decided we need more of your input.

So we are running a fabulous competition. We’ve tied down our CEO and pinched his wallet and we’re giving away a whole case of champagne to the winner.

It’s very easy to enter. If you have bought a product from us, but never got around to writing a review it, we’d like to you to write one. Simple as that.

We want an informative, lively review of your product. It can be positive or negative. Whatever your experience with your product, let people know. We want an honest review that offers tips, guidance and help to your fellow customers.

It should be between 50 and 250 words, must contain no references to other sites or companies, no obscene language or personal insults and should be as clear and readable as possible. It must be about the product you bought, not about our site or our service.

To enter, all you have to do is visit the site, find the product you bought from us, write your review, fill in a few details and that’s it.

All reviews that fit our guidelines and reflect a product still on sale will be eligible to be published.*

The winner will be the review we judge to be the most informative, helpful and readable.

So get writing and good luck!

Drew Hardy

P.S. Holy Ashcroft and Dick Roberts, you are NOT allowed to enter so don’t even try

*We reserve the right to edit all reviews for length, content, relevance or tone where necessary

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