Italian mowers made for comfortable grass cutting

Many of you will remember the days before everyone had a powered lawnmower.

Then all we had was a device which looked like an old-fashioned combine harvester and cutting anything other than a handkerchief-sized lawn would take half a day.

Modern lawnmowers are far more easy and quick to use and these ones from Oleo-Mac especially so.

They are easy to start often very lightweight and have modern engines which produce fewer vibrations.  Here are three that offer great value for money and are exclusive to us, here at MowDirect.

First is the Oleo-Mac G48-PK Comfort-Plus Petrol Push Lawn Mower, on special offer.

Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower
Five year warranty: Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower

This mower is suitable for lawns up to around 6000m2 and with a 46cm cutting width and weighing just over 25kg is light and easy to navigate around flower beds.

The engine is from top garden machinery manufacturer EMAK and cutting heights are from 28mm to 75mm.

The grass box holds 60 litres.

It has a five year warranty and costs £199.95, £60 off the recommended retail price. We deliver it free the next working day.

If you want a self-propelled mower for a larger lawn then the Oleo-Mac G48-TK Comfort-Plus Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower fits the bill.

This has a 159cc EMAK engine which gives plenty of power to both the cutting blade and the driving wheels – it trundles along at 3.6km/h.

Again there is a 60 litre grass box and cutting heights from 28mm to 65mm.

This too has a five year warranty and costs £219.95, a full £100 off the recommended price with free next working day delivery.

Oleo-Mac G53-TK comfort plus lawnmower
Easy mowing: Oleo-Mac G53-TK lawnmower

And if you have a larger lawn then the Oleo-Mac G53-TK Comfort-Plus Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower may be the one.

With a similar engine and cutting heights it can handle all sorts of mowing challenges from rougher small paddocks, paths and orchards to smooth lawns.

The cutting deck is powder-coated to resist scratches and corrosion and give the mower a longer life.

It costs £239.95, £150 below the recommended price, has a five-year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

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