Mud and Chocolate (and Hand-picked Mowers)

Hello everybody. Sorry, I have been away for a short break but, isn’t it delightful, now that the clocks have rolled forward, to wake up full of the joys of Spring, sunshine peeking cheekily under your blinds, light and air and birdsong everywhere? No? Had a bit of a Sunday night binge did we and are now praying for the darkness? Oh well.

Anyway. I hope you all had a lovely lovely Easter weekend and that the annual, original moveable feast was full of fun, roast lamb, the joys of Spring and the welcome to the new season and, of course, over priced and overeaten Easter eggs. What better way to celebrate this deeply solemn religious and cultural festival than to stuff yourself full of gold wrapped rabbits made of Belgian Chocolate. Chocolate is made to share, as I said to two of my teenage nieces on the day. Ah, what joy there is in witnessing two happy youngsters learning the art of sharing..

The Gentle Art Of Sharing
The Gentle Art Of Sharing
"I said... SHARING!"
“I said… SHARING!”










Of course, I only indulged in a very small way. You don’t get to keep ankles like mine without drastically rationing your cacao input so one teeny-tiny, small and weeny egg was just about tickety-bloo and the rest went to my nieces and nephews.

However, now the Easter school hols are approaching the finishing line (just before they are hauled in for taking performance enhancing drugs and are stripped of their medals) all the little children will be off back to school and all the teens who are filling up the swimming pools, parks, town squares and theme parks will return to the stress of coping with their coursework and the impending GCSEs. Ah. Spring.

And what of our gardens? Well, our dear colleague Dick is in full flow and his latest blog (yesterday) was an admirable reminder of the joys of the Hayter range especially the key-start versions that make mowing your sward so much easier.

I, sadly, am some way away from the delights of the rear-roller mower, as my lawn got rather churned up during my Easter celebrations. I was relaxing with my Easter cake having drunk rather too much of the sparkly nectar…

Me and Getting Up Close and Personal with my Easter Cake
Up Close and Personal with my Easter Cake


…when my group of ‘so-called friends’ decided an impromptu football match would be a good idea. It wasn’t. My garden now resembles the fields of Glastonbury after a very wet festival and a freak stampede by a herd of very bewildered buffalo. Now I have to lay new turf.

Luckily, we have some very useful information on this dark art in our Aladdin’s cave of gardening and machinery related tit-bits, MowHow.   (for some tips on turf laying this see here and also here...MowHow is like having your own information Genie at hand, but you don’t have to rub a lamp or anything else to get your answer. I shall be using this info for my turf to be sure but for my building site of a garden,  grass cutting is a long way off.

So there’s no point in me investing in that new mower just yet, as useful as sending bald man to a barber shop, but for you with, no doubt, your prefect gleaming lawn, try here for the best selection of hand-picked petrol mowers you can get on the net. And I mean that! Or you could just take a look at our whole selection here.

Anyway, until next time, keep your lawn neat and tidy and enjoy the improving weather.   See Ya. Holly.


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