British-made mowers which start the instant you turn the key

On Friday we brought you ten top mowers from leading brands, many with the latest technology and improved performance.

And here’s another from Hayter, British made with a long history on innovation and reliability.

Indeed, many people order Hayters from us saying that their previous mower has just given up the ghost after 15 years and more.

So here’s a mower with all the latest technology which combines key start and Briggs & Stratton Instant Starting Technology to ensure you get mowing just as soon as the mower is on the lawn.

Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive
Fast starting: Harrier 48 Autodrive with variable speed electric start

The Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive E/S Lawnmower with Variable Speed & Electric Start (Code: 491J) has a 163cc engine and a starter motor powered by the latest lithium-ion battery.

With a 48cm cutting width, this mower is made for people with larger lawns who want a crisp, striped finish.

It has a rear roller to deliver this and cutting heights from 13mm to 60mm. The grass box holds 70 litres so you can keep cutting grass longer without frequently rushing to empty to clippings.

This mower also lets you decide the speed at which you mow – from 1.5mph to 3pmh – a handy device so you can slow up when working around flower beds and speed up on the straights.

The engine is also fitted with a cutter bar friction disc which stops serious damage to the crank if you hit something really solid.

And the cutting deck is lined with ABS plastic which not only keeps the noise down but fights corrosion as well.

The rear roller has a split differential which stops scuffing the turf when you turn and gives better traction.

This is a top spec mower from a company with a great reputation. It costs £849, £130 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty.

It is delivered free the next working day complete with a bottle of engine oil so you can get started straight away.

And there is also a free 10-litre jerry can worth £24.95.

Hayter HArreir 56 Autodrive Lawnmower
Best of British: Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive Lawnmower

The top-of-the range mower is the Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive E/S Lawnmower with Variable Speed & Electric Start (Code: 561).

In many ways similar to the one above, this has a larger 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine and a wider, 56cm, cutting width meaning it is the one you want if you have a really large lawn and prefer a neat, striped finish.

This mower is delivered free within two to three working days and has a five year warranty as well as a free bottle of engine oil and a free 10-litre jerry can.

This one costs £1050, nearly £180 off the price recommended by Hayter.

Remember that you can call us if you have a query about these or any other mowers on our site.

We’re on 08454 5889805.







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