It’s Competition Time. “Three Little Words.” Win a Mower. Now Read On.

This is tough. Very tough indeed.  Is it possible? Imparting this Information? Telling you everything? Promoting our competition? Using three words? Only three words? In small groups. Very short sentences?  Well, I’ll try. THREE LITTLE WORDS. Cue Inspiring picture.

Not Three Little Birds. Idiot!
Words Not Birds. Idiot!

Somebody sack that picture editor! Right here goes.

Pay attention everyone. New Facebook Competition. ‘Three Little Words.’ Win a Mower. A Cordless Mountfield. How to proceed? How to win? Do the following.

Peruse our site. Look around everywhere. Checkout our logo. Read our pages. View our products. See our prices. Experience our offers.

Then you’re ready. Enter our competition. Three little words. Here’s one way. –  ‘One small sentence.’ Here’s another way. – ‘Three. Separate. Words.’ or with commas, Sharp, clean, new.

Need more examples? How about this – “Good, New Site‘. Here’s another one. ‘New Logo Cool“. Got the picture? Get the jist? Clued in enough? Are you ready? ‘Yes? No? Maybe?’. Great, you are. So don’t dawdle. Get on down. Go get started. Time flies quickly…..

Phew. I’ll tell you what, that’s exhausting. I don’t think I could keep that going much longer. Anyway, hopefully you have got the message by now. The competition is being run on our Facebook page. It’s very simple. Easy as pie. Visit our site. (Ooops, I’ve started again) Visit the site and have a good nosy around. We’ve a new layout, easier navigation, new logo and new branding to smarten us up straighten our tie, comb our hair and send us off for a new start. But it’s also for you. It makes the site easier to use and, hopefully, more enjoyable for all of our customers.

So far people seem to like our new site a lot, and we’ve already had some fabulous entries with people making such varied comments as…

“New bright helpful”, “Informative, Inspiring, Inexpensive”, Mow, Grow, More”, “Lots of deals”, “Bright. Inviting. Varied”, “Groundbreaking Garden Gadgets”, “Could be better”, “Easy, smart, eye-catching”, “Organised, informative, practical”, ” Cutting edge site!” “Innovative. Intuitive. Informative.”, “Well Organised Webpage”, “Wow so colourful” and “Easy to navigate”.

So BIG thanks to everyone who has entered so far, but we’d really like to know what you all think. So after you’ve visited the site and had a swift shufti, nip back to Facebook through one of our links and let us know what you think in three words. We are picking our favourite three word combo and the winner gets a brand new cordless Mountfield-34lithium-Ion Battery powered lawn mower. Check it out. 

And that’s it. Simple as that. Just three words. (Yup, I’m going for it again) So get going. Win our mower. See you soon. Enjoy your garden.      Mr Drew Hardy


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