Ten top scarifiers to give your lawn a healthy start this Spring

Ever wondered why some people’s lawns appear verdant and healthy while yours looks a bit, well, dull?

The secret, apart from feeding with a good lawn fertilizer, is scarifying.

This process, which ideally should be practiced every six to eight weeks, involves removing all the debris from the surface like flat weeds, moss, dead grass and general debris.

This used to be done with a tined rake and was very hard work.

But now the process is far easier thanks to scarifying machines. And once scarified, moisture and nutrients can pass through to the roots much more easily.

And with dead grass and moss teased out the lawn will grow more vigorously.

A freshly scarified lawn can sometimes look like a ploughed field, especially if the process has not been carried out for some years, but the grass grows back very quickly and there is no cause for concern

You’ll also be amazed at the amount of debris left once the machine has passed and it is recommended that for the first time the lawn is scarified the debris is raked up rather than collected.

We have a cracking selection of scarifiers and here are ten of the best, some new for this season, some exclusive to us.

The first is the Al-Ko Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Aerator / Scarifier, a machine with two cassettes.

Al-Ko 38 e combi care aerator scarifier
Great value: Al-Ko 38E combi care aerator scarifier

The aeration cassette has 14 steel blades to cut tiny slits into the surface to allow moisture to get through to the roots.

The other has 24 sprung hooks to pull out dead grass and moss.

It has five working depths with a simple adjuster to select the one suitable and a 55 litre catcher.

It costs £169, £20 less than the recommended price, is delivered free the next working day and has a two-year warranty.

A new machine for this season and one which is very light and easy to use is the Einhell GE-SC 35LI Solo Cordless Scarifier, the first cordless scarifier produced which comes with battery and charger.

Einhell cordless scarifier
Cordless: Einhell GE-SCLI Solo cordless scarifier

And this battery will fit other Einhell machines, making them much less expensive to buy. Sixteen steel blades ease out the moss and other debris and the machine is mounted on plastic housing to resist the odd bump and corrosion as well.

There are three working heights and it is fitted with large wheels which give great grip and won’t scuff the lawn. An aerator-roller and debris collector are available as optional extras.

It costs £239.95, £140 less than the recommended price and has a two years warranty and free next working day delivery.

Here’s another from the same

Einhell GE-SA scarifier
Petrol power: Einhell GE-SA 1335P scarifier

and one which combines aeration with scarifying.

The Einhell GE-SA 1335P Petrol Combi Scarifier/Aerator has a roller with 20 sharp knives to cut through the turf and allow moisture to penetrate down to the roots.

And it also has a scarifying roller with 26 spikes to tease out the moss and other rubbish which stops the lawn from flourishing.

These two rollers are very easy to swap and are mounted on ball bearings to give the machine a smooth passage.

A 53.2cc engine from Einhell drives it along and although not self propelled the motion of the roller on the ground moves it gently forward.

There are three working heights.

It costs £259.95, £140 off the maker’s recommended price and it has a two year warranty and free next working day delivery.

This one from the same company has been a top seller for some yearssee these pages for what other customers think of it.

Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier
Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier

The Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier, on special offer, is suitable for lawns up to 1000m2 and has 18 steel blades to removed flat weeds, moss and general rubbish which stops healthy growth.

It has a 118cc engine and six height settings and a working width of 40cm.

The handles fold down for easy storage and so the brother can get it into his boot when he borrows it!

It is delivered free the next working day and has collapsible catcher.

This is one of the best scarifiers on the market in its class and costs £279.95, £220 less than the recommended price. There is a two year warranty from Einhell.

Now another from Al-Ko, the Comfort 38P Combi-Care Petrol Aerator / Scarifier.

This can both aerate the lawn and scarify it and has a 37cm working width and a 53cc engine.

Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator
Versatility: Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator

There are five working depths controlled by a dial and a 55 litre catcher for the rubbish.

The underside of this machine is smooth stopping debris from sticking to it and making it easier to clean.

It costs £339, £20 off the recommended price and with it you receive a free 10-litre petrol can worth £14.95.

Deliver is free the next working day and there is a two year warranty.

Now one from a leading USA manufacturer of garden machinery.

The MTD O38VO Petrol Scarifier has a Thor 179cc engine which starts easily and has been engineered for a long life.

MTD o38vo scarifier
From The States: MTD o38vo petrol scarifier

It can be used either for scarifying or for cutting small slits into the lawn to allow air and moisture to get through to the roots.

It has a 38cm working width and a 50 litre collector while the handlebars fold down to take up less room in the shed. And it weighs just 39kg.

There is a saving of, £80 on the maker’s recommended price and it has a two year warranty and free delivery the next working day.

The Mountfield S38 Petrol Lawn Scarifier is a solid machine with 16 steel blades to tease out dead grass and moss and to aerate the lawn at the same time.

mountfield scarifyer
Tough worker: Mountfield S38 petrol lawn scarifyer

A 127 Briggs & Stratton engine drives the scarifiers and the deck is made from steel and powder coated to give it a longer life.

The depth at which the machine works is adjustable and it has a 45 litre container for the debris. The working width is 38cm

It costs £499, £50 off the recommended price and has a two year Mountfield warranty with free delivery the next working day.

British favourite: Hayter SP36 scarifyer
British favourite: Hayter SP36 scarifyer

Hayter is a company with a reputation for producing top quality lawnmowers but they also make a scarifier as well.

The Hayter SP36 Petrol Lawn Scarifier has a 155cc Briggs & Stratton engine designed to start easily and to have a long working life.

There are 15 cutting blades and 5 settings and there is also a transport position so you can cross paths without damaging the machine.

It also has a dead man’s handle which cuts the engine when the bail bar is released.

It also has a steel deck to give it solidity and foldable handlebars.

It costs £499. £70 off the recommended price and has a one year warranty. Next-working-day delivery is free.

Efco sg40-50s scarifier
Tough worker: Efco ag40-50as semi-professional scarifier

Finally, two machines for the gardener with larger areas to work on, or for the professional.

The Efco AG40-S50 Semi-Professional Petrol Lawn Scarifier has a Subaru 160cc engine to give it bags of power – and it starts very easily.

There is a solid steel deck and a working width of 40cm and the cutting blades are mounted on extra large bearings.

The working height is adjustable and there is a large catcher provided.

It costs £659, £170 off the recommended price and it has a three year warranty and free delivery the next working day.

And finally, one just for the professional gardener.

The Weibang WB486CRB Professional Scarifier – Weibang is a well-respected Chinese company – has 16 double-tipped blades which will removed the rubbish and has a 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine.

Weiband professional scarifier
Professional machine: Weibang wb486crb scarifier

The drive can be disengaged when crossing paths and the working width is 46cm.

There is also a blade assembly as an optional extra to cut down thick grass and a catcher which holds 40 litres.

This machine costs £799 and has a five year warranty. Delivery the next working day is free.

These pages have a comprehensive selection of aerators and scarifiers and remember you can always give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like our advice before purchasing.



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