Is that winter on the way? Snow problem

At long last it’s turned a bit sharp, frosts in the morning, snow on the hills, more like winter that the balmy days we’ve had lately.

And slippery paths can lead to nasty accidents and broken bones and long sessions at the local hospital.

LNT magic ice melt
Safe paths: LNT Magic Ice Melt

Rather than using the salt and grit mixture to clear paths the LNT Magic Ice Melt Original, which is sold in 10kg bags, is a far better answer.

The 10kg will treat up to 2000m2, six times the coverage of rock salt. And it is far kinder to plants and animals as it is non toxic and biodegradable.

It is the perfect way of keeping not only paths and drives free of snow and ice, but ideal for areas like school playgrounds and all-weather pitches.

It is free flowing, can be used in spreaders and costs £25 a bag, delivered FREE the next working day.

It is also available in 18.75kg tubs for £39.95.

And if you are a caretaker or have larger areas to keep ice free and safe our special, money-saving  Winter Snow & Ice Treatment Package would be the answer.

It includes a walk-behind spreader, ten 10kg bags of Magic Ice Melt and two large Canadian

snow and ice treatment package
Keep it safe: snow and ice treatment package

snow shovels from Garant.

The recommended price of these products bought individually is £364.95 but buy them as a package and it is only £299.

There are also special prices on extra Ice Melt and shovels if ordered at the same time.

To clear larger areas of snow and ice this great little machine could be the answer.

artik 52 snow blower
Snow blaster: Artik 52 snow blower

The Oleo-Mac Artik 52 Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower is light and easy to push along and will collect the snow and ice in the front chute and then blast it up to eight metres away.

So you could clear a large drives in double quick time with this machine as well as garage forecourts and the like.

Machines like this have been used to clear school playgrounds and small car parks at municipal buildings.

The snow and ice collected are blown clear thanks to a 163cc engine designed for the colder weather.

It costs £299, £100 off the list price and is delivered free the next working day with a three year warranty.

See these pages for a large selection of snow blowers and if you are looking for a more substantial machine you’ll find snow ploughs here.

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