Happy New Year From Holly and Ivy Should Know Better

Cripes. It’s 2016 already. It doesn’t seem long since we were welcoming the Spirit of Christmas 2015 and now the Holly has wilted (too much bubbly…hic!)  the Panatone has been reduced to stale crumbs and the tree is sad and droopy like an X-Factor contestant who didn’t make that top C.

So what of the New Year? First up, New Year resolutions. Mine is to be a bit more sensible and measured in all things,  hence this helpful and not at all silly blog.  I give it a week!

And MowDirect? Well, we have hit the ground running (which is messy as it’s rather muddy) and our New Year sale has been flourishing with sensational bargains for all  – but don’t forget it finishes today!

The snow never came, the weather is remarkably temperate and as my colleague Dick has already mentioned, the grass is growing and lawn mowers are required. Why not check out our top 40 lawn mowers because you can get a great bargain in or out of sale season… and all, always with FREE express delivery.

Mind you, we have had some cold weather and that is reflected by how many people have snatched up one of our MD 4-Ton Electric Horizontal Log-Splitters, a remarkably great deal and picking up more five star reviews than Star Wars the Force Awakens. “The splitting force is strong in this one!” No really. Here’s what other people have said recently… “I am very pleased with this product. I don’t know why I didn’t buy one before…”  and “Excellent piece of kit. ” or “I am very impressed with this product. It worked straight out of the box, performs flawlessly and is an absolute bargain. ”

Firewood is needed, even in this temperate Winter, as anyone who has taken a trip to the country will know. I went to stay with my lovely friends over new Year and ended up struggling through a five mile hike on New Year’s day (not my idea, should have seen it coming “Let’s go for a quick walk to work off our brunch and all the fizz ” says my jolly hockey sticks friend Ivy (she should know better, she used to be a London Party Girl)  So two hours later as I was negotiating my fifth stile, wet, muddy, cold and in need of sustenance I remembered why I live in the City. Still, a hot drink and a roaring fire when we got home helped … hence my enthusiasm for the afore mentioned log splitter. Grab one now! It’s the best value electric splitter available  in the UK.

So. What else for the New Year. Well, we just hope that everyone who was flooded is coping and that the rain dies down a little bit. We hope for a prosperous and peaceful New Year for everyone and to a rich and verdant growing season to come.  We also promise more great deals and special offers from MowDirect this year, as well as our usual top service and free delivery, so keep an eye on our product pages and watch out for some new and exciting developments.   See ya.Holly.

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