It’s sleigh time! Still time to buy that extra special present for the devoted gardener

The sleigh is oiled, so is Father Christmas, but there still time to order gifts for the gardener and have them delivered before Christmas.

Have a look at these top ten suggestions for that extra special present which would make anyone’s Christmas.

And with the rather odd weather there’s something for every season from snow blowers to ride-on mowers and those with rear rollers to give that striped finish.

First is the Einhell GE-BC 43 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter + Free Kit, a machine to cut back brambles and heavy weeds as well a leave a neat finish to the lawn.

Einhel;l GE-BC 33 AS brushcutter
Comfortable to use: Einhell GE-BC 33 AS low vibration brushcutter

This machine has special technology to keep vibrations to a minimum and make it comfortable to use over longer periods.

With a cowhorn handlebar and shoulder harness it can be used in a sweeping motion to cut down large areas with less effort and, with its 42.7cc engine, has plenty of power to deal with the less picturesque areas of the garden.

It has a three-toothed blade as well as a twin line strimmer, both of which are easily changed in seconds and the strimming head automatically spools out extra line when bumped on the ground.

With this machine toy receive a free safety helmet, ear defenders, eye shield and a free fuel mixing bottle. There are also special prices on extra strimming line.

It costs £179.95, well over £200 below the recommended price and has a two year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

Now a mower that is light and easy to use – an electrically-powered self-propelled lawnmower.

Wolf-Garten lawn mower
Be an expert: Wolf-Garten lawn mower

The WOLF-Garten Expert 40EA Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower is not only lighter than a petrol-powered machine but much more enjoyable to use with no smelly engine fumes.

A 1600W electric motor and 40cm cutting width means it has plenty of scope to cut medium-sized lawns, and there are five settings for the cutting height and a 55 litre grass box.

This grass-box has an indicator to show when it’s full and it comes with 20 metres of cable.

The mower costs £259, £40 less than the recommended price and comes with a five year warranty and free next working day delivery.

A good hedgetrimmer is an important part of a gardener’s armoury and this one is a cracker and increasingly the choice of the professional.

The Tanaka TCH22E-BP2 (62) Petrol Hedgetrimmer (Special Offer) is light, easy to start and really strong when it comes to thick hedges with old growth.

Tanaka hedge trimmer
Low emissions: TCH22 EA Tanaka hedge trimmer

It has a 21.1cc engine gives loads of power yet loses little fuel and is surprisingly quiet when working.

The 62cm double-sided blades are really sharp and the 180 degree twist grip rear handle makes it possible to cut odd-shaped hedges in comfort – it’s also a boost for left-handers.

As an added comfort measure, the exhaust gasses are expelled from the front of the machine.

It costs £269 and has a five-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

Now a mower which will leave neat stripes – just like Wimbledon.

Lawnflite 43 PBR lawnmower
Easy to start: Lawnflite LR43PBR lawnmower

The Lawnflite LF43-SPBR Self-Propelled Rear-Roller Lawn Mower has a Briggs & Stratton 140cc engine designed to start easily and to have along life.

It cuts right down to 15mm with six settings and has a mulch plug if you prefer to deal with the clippings that way.

The polymer cutting deck will resist corrosion and keep the weight down, and the rear roller has a split differential to avoid scalping the lawn on the runs at the end of rows.

It costs £349, £100 under the recommended price and has a two-year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

Now another great mower from a leading manufacturer and one with the advantage that it starts by turning a key.

Mountfield electric start lawnmower
Electric start: Mountfield S461PDES lawnmower

The Mountfield S461-PD/ES Power Driven Petrol Lawn Mower has the company’s own 160cc engine and a 46cm cutting width, wide enough to tackle most medium-sized lawns and narrow enough to get through garden gates.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 75cc and the grass box holds 60 litres.

It is delivered free the next working day with a free bottle of engine oil so you can get cutting straight away – yes even in December.

It costs £399, £130 off the listed price and has a two year warranty.

Now one light and easy to use and relying on the latest advances in battery power.

Cobra electric lawnmower
Light to use : Cobra ms46s40V electric lawnmower

The Cobra MX46S40V Cordless Lawnmower can discharge clippings to the side, collect them in the grass box and mulch as well. The cutting width is 46cm and the grass box holds 60 litres and the cutting heights are from 25mm to 75mm with five settings.

Above all, this mower is light and relatively quiet to use, there are no smelly exhaust gasses and it is self-propelled.

It costs £439, £10 below the recommended price and has a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Mild it may well be at the moment but many an old sage will suck his teeth and predict we’ll catch a packet come January.

If we do this machine will come into its own, the Oleo-Mac Artik 56 Dual-Stage Snow Blower (Manual Start).

Oleo-Mac dual stage snow blower

This snow blower starts by dragging the snow and ice into the front hood and then blasting it clear – up to 12 metres – with a powerful impeller.

The exit chute is adjustable from the driving position.

It is powered by a 182cc Loncin engine designed to start easily in the depths of winter and has Snow Hog tyres to give excellent grip. And there are two reverse gears and five forward.

Sliders under the front hood mean you can easily adjust the working height.

It costs £429, cutting well over £200 off the recommended price and has free next working day delivery. There is a three year warranty.

Now a mower from a British company with a long and proud history.

Harrier 48 lawnmower
Larger lawns: Harrier 48 lawn mower

The Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive E/S Lawnmower with Variable Speed & Electric Start (Code: 491) is a really well built and designed mower with a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine.

The speed at which you mow can be altered from 1.5mph to 3mph and the chassis is made from aluminium so it will not rust with age.

There are seven cutting heights from 13mm to 60mm and the split differential on the rear roller means you won’t scalp the lawn when turning.

It costs £779, over £200 off the recommended price and with this one you also receive a free 10-litre Jerry Can.

Delivery the next working day is free and there is a five-year warranty.

Now a great machine which makes grass cutting totally effortless.

Robomow rc304
Take it easy: Robomow RC304

The Robomow RC304 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower will cut the lawn when you want while you sit in the deck chair with a soothing glass of something.

Once wires are set out around the lawn the mower sets off from its base station and gets to work when you programme it to do so.

It has a 200W electric motor powered by a 26V lithium-ion battery. And when the battery gets low it find its way back to the base station for a re-charge.

Cutting heights are from 15mm to 60mm and the mower has a safety cut-out to stop it if it is lifted or tilted.

If you have several lawns the mower can be set up to mow them all.

It costs £999, £200 less than the price recommended and has a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

And finally a great little lawn tractor which would make anyone’s Christmas.

The Mountfield 827H Compact Lawn Rider has a 66cm cutting width and can get through most garden gates. It is ideal for lawns up to 3000m2.

Mountfield 827 H
Great machine: Mountfield 827H compact lawn rider

Mountfield’s own engine has a hydrostatic drive which works much like an automatic car and there are cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm. The grass box holds 250 litres.

You can buy a trailer hitch and a mulch kit as optional extras.

It costs £1399, £100 off the recommended price and it has a two year warranty.

Delivery is free with three to five working days and we ring you to agree a delivery time.

See these pages for a comprehensive list of Christmas presents which would make great gifts even if some would take up rather a lot of room under the tree.

There’s still time to order these products for delivery before Christmas but remember you can ring us on 08454 588905 to discuss this or any other points when ordering.

The sherry bottle is still in the corner from last Christmas but will certainly be uncorked before the big day.

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