There’s Norway of Knowing How Much Wood You Might Need, But An MD 4-Ton Log Splitter Will Help.

According to my old colleague Dick, Barney is a cute name. As he said yesterday in his, as ever, succinct and to the point blog, “The problem with November is that storms with cute names bring chaos to some areas of the country”. Well, yes that is undoubtedly true, although as I pointed out yesterday on our Facebook page, Barney is also an old cockney rhyming slang word for a fight or a row, (Barney Rubble – Trouble) so not quite so cute. However, I get the point Dick. Chaos indeed in my neck of the woods where a veritable Niagara Falls was coming down inside the kitchen on Saturday, followed by  Victoria falls on Tuesday. Damn those gutters. Now cleared, but we have to redecorate before the ‘C’ word day. The high winds, biblical rain, leaves dancing like GSCE students the day after exams finish, it all seems to have be upon us rather a lot recently and, quite rightly, Dick is letting us know about leaf clearing tools like the excellent and very reasonably priced,  Echo PB-251 leaf blower. Do check his blog out.

However. I want to talk logs, not blogs. About a year ago I pointed out, on these very pages… (old journalist term, I know these pages are really just ones and zeros and none of us really exist), sorry, I pointed out on these very pages, about a year ago, how seriously they take log splitting, wood gathering and wood piling in Scandinavia, particularly Norway.

In fact, it was a blog about collecting firewood and whether you should stack wood bark up or bark down. My editor said I was barking up the wrong tree (sorry) but in Norway this is life and death, front page news headline stuff to be treated seriously, as I mentioned before. Even, in fact, to the extent of airing a 12 hour long TV show about firewood including footage of a fire burning for 8 hours solid on Norwegian TV. I also pointed out that in Norway it is said that you can tell a lot about someone from the way they stack their firewood.

Now all this stuff has appeared in a book that is selling hundreds of thousands of copies across the world. It’s called ‘Norwegian Wood’ and this splendid article in the Guardian will tell you about it…

When the Guardian starts publishing articles like that, you know Winter really is, if not knocking on the door, at the end of the path trying to get through the gate you were supposed to fix back in June. (Sorry Mrs Drew).

So. In the interests of keeping this short and sweet, I am going to do you a HUGE favour. It’s as simple as this, pay attention now…


MD 4-Ton Electric Horizontal Log-Splitter (Special Offer)

 MD 4- ton Log-Splitter No Nonsense!
MD 4- ton Log-Splitter
No Nonsense!

 It’s just great value at £159.95 (inc. VAT) (RRP £249,95) Seriously, this is an easy to use, very effective way of making sure your fires and stoves are as well fed this year as a cat in a fish shop. It’d also the best value electric log splitter you can buy in the UK. Don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of our very (I’m not exaggerating) happy customers have said, having given it close to 5 stars across the board!

” Splits logs like cutting through butter…should have got one years ago… SUPERB.”  and    “…excellent value for money and a solid piece of kit.”  also    “I am very impressed with performance and ease of use.”  plus   “It is brilliant…I am very, very happy indeed with this item. ”  and finally  “…absolutely fantastic! The best £160.00 I have ever spent!!

So. Don’t waste any more time reading this drivel. DO go out and get one, with FREE next working day delivery across the UK mainland.

Split logs, make firewood, keep warm, no fuss, no mess.  Enjoy your garden… and your woodpile.  Oh, and for me it’s bark up… keep it dry!   Drew Hardy





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