Great mower to cope with cutting wet grass

Well, it’s not quite shirt sleeves weather but this mild late autumn, and Spring-like showers, has left the lawns full of growth.

You need to keep them trimmed so that not only do they look neat but they will be ready to grow vigorously next year.

Trouble is that cutting wet grass is never easy, even if you raise the cutting height on the mower.

So here’s one which is really efficient at cutting, and collecting, wet grass.

Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK lawn mower
Biggest lawns: Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK All Road Petrol Mower

The Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, still on special offer, has been a top seller this summer as it is a real value for money all purpose machine.

It will discharge to the side and back – handy when cutting longer grass – and mulch and collect the shorter stuff.

But don’t be tempted to mulch until next year when the lawn is dry. Mulching in wet weather will just leave you with balls of mashed up clippings, but in the summer you will have tiny clippings which will rot away.

At this time of year it is a great collector of wet grass and it has a massive 70 litre grass box so fewer trips to the compost heap to empty it.

The engine is powerful 196cc one which runs quietly and sips fuel and the cutting heights are from 28mm to 75mm making it a genuine all-purpose grass cutting machine.

It costs £299.95, £200 off the recommended retail price and has a five year warranty. Delivery the next working day is free.

This machine has been getting 4-5 stars in dozens of product reviews, and higher than a 4.5 rating across the board. Here’s what some of our customers have said… “How they sell a mower of this quality at this price I do not know.”    “...a revelation.”    “This machine has exceeded my expectations….I had never heard of Oleo-Mac but really glad I chose this mower.”    “Great price, good build quality and great performance.”   “I recommend anyone considering a petrol to get this!”   “The chap who bought my old mower on E-bay saw it and thought it was a £600 machine!”

So do take a look at it yourself…

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