Time to trade up your old garden tractor, here are ten top models for the shortlist

The grass cutting season may be coming to an end as growth slows down but lawns still need regular mowing.

Don’t cut the grass as short as you would in Spring and high Summer, but do remember to cut it regularly and try to pick a dry day to help collect the clippings and not leave them in ugly clumps.

This is the time of year when a good lawn tractor really comes into its own. Not only will it prepare the lawn for winter but, with simple attachments, you can also clear leaves, aerate, scarify, and with a trailer can cart loads of debris, wood, gravel anything the gardener needs on a bigger area.

So if you are looking to buy a new one or trade up from an old faithful machine, here are ten top tractors to consider.

The first is a real best-seller from one of Britain’s favourite brands, the Mountfield 827H Compact Lawn Rider.

Mountfield 827 H
Great machine: Mountfield 827H compact lawn rider

This is intended for people with lawns around 3000m2 and is small enough to get through many garden gates – it has a 66cm cutting width.

Started with a key, and with Mountfield’s own engine, it has transmission much like an automatic car.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 80mm and the grass box holds 150 litres. You can buy a mulch kit of you prefer to deal with the clippings that way and a trailer hitch is also available.

It costs £1399, £100 off the price recommended and has a two year warranty. Delivery is free within three to five working days.

This next one is a great collector of wet grass. And you also receive a free garden trailer which usually costs £169.

Lawnflite 603 RT lawn tractor
Great collector: Lawnflite 603RT lawn tractor

The Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor has a high-life blade to increase the airflow and a turbo fan which together blast the clippings into the grass box.

The 76cm cutting width makes it suitable for lawns around 4000m2 and has a cutting deck offset so you can mow right up to the edges of flower beds and paths.

The FREE  tow or push trailer that comes with this lawn tractor has a steel bed and can take a 340kg load.

The tractor costs £1499, £170 less than the recommended price and it is delivered free within two to three working days. There is a two-year warranty from Lawnflite with this tractor.

With paddocks and orchards and other areas where are perfect finish is not necessary a side discharge tractor will fit the bill.

And this one is on special offer.

Mountfield 1538H-SD lawn tractor
Side discharge: Mountfield 1538H-sd lawn tractor

The Mountfield 1538H-SD Lawn Tractor has a 98cm cutting width and can cope easily with areas up to 8000m2.

A 452cc Mountfield engine has plenty of power and it will cut formal lawns too. You receive a free mulch plug with this model so the clippings are chopped down to tea leaf sized pieces and left to break down on the lawn.

It has a variable speed hydrostatic drive making it easy to drive and there are seven cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm.

You also receive a tow bar as another extra.

It costs £1599, £200 below the recommended price and is delivered free within three to five working days with a five year warranty from Mountfield.

The Lawnflite 703 RT Lawn Tractor has a 92cm cutting width and is the one to consider for lawns up to 6000m2.

MTD Lawnflite 703RT lawn tractor
Tubo fan boost: Lawnflite 703RT lawn tractor

This too has the maker’s Direct Collect design especially useful at this time of year when the grass is wet, with its close mounted grass box and turbo fan.

The collector is easily removed without tools, handy when it is used with other attachments.

It has a turning circle of only 46cm and an easy-starting Briggs & Stratton engine with a 7-speed Transmatic drive system.

Like the Lawnflite model mentioned above, this too has a free garden trailer worth £169 and you can also buy a tractor cover, mulch kit and a rear deflector plate, for use when mowing long grass, for special prices.

It costs £1699, £200 less than the recommended price, is delivered free within two to three working days and has a two year warranty.

This next one is from a company with a reputation for manufacturing excellent garden machinery – and it has a FREE garden trailer thrown in.

Al-Ko T16-92HDH lawn tractor
Twin cylinder engine: Al-Ko T16-92HD lawn tractor

The Al-Ko T16-92HD Special Edition Lawn Tractor is made for lawns up to around 8000m2 and has a twin-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine.

Fitted with a Hi-Lift blade to create a strong airflow under the cutting deck, it is another excellent collector of wet grass and its 220-litre grass box can be emptied without leaving the driving seat.

The hydrostatic drive makes speed control very precise and simple and it has six cutting heights from 30mm to 90mm. It also has a deck-wash port that makes it easy to clean after use – just attach the garden hose.

It is fitted with large diameter tyres to give great traction without damaging the lawn.

It costs £2099, £500 off the recommended selling price and has a two year warranty and free delivery within two to three working days.

This next one is renowned for its great manoeuvrability and is brilliant for mowing around trees, large garden ornaments and the like.

Toro zs 3200s xero turn ride-on mower
Tight turns: Toro ZS3200 zero turn ride-on mower

The Toro ZS3200S Timecutter Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower has a hydrostatic drive and is steered by a pair of levers.

Toro’s own 452cc engine provides heaps of power designed for a long life and quiet running.

It is fitted with an 82cm cutting deck which mulches the clippings, and there is an optional collection bag available. It can also discharge to the side if you are cutting longer grass.

A high-back seat makes it comfortable to use and there are a number of extras available – even a sunshade.

It costs £2299, £300 less than the recommended price and is delivered free within three to five working days with a three year warranty.

Now a great bargain and one exclusive to us at MowDirect and at a very special price.

Murray EWMT2242 RDR garden tractor
Bargain: Murray EMT2242 RDF garden tractor

The Murray EMT2242RDF Garden Tractor is a tough machine with a Briggs & Stratton 724cc Intek twin-cylinder engine.

Suitable for areas up to 12,000m2 it has a cutting width of 107cm and has a special system to stop grass and other debris getting in to the engine. The turning radius is only 36cm.

It has anti-scalp wheels on the cutting deck to stop it spoiling the look if the lawn is a bit uneven and a 350 litre grass box.

It costs £2599, a huge saving on the recommended price of £3799 and it is delivered free within two to three days with a two-year warranty.

Here’s another one with excellent manoeuvrability and often used in larger gardens and small estates.

The Stiga Park 520 P Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) has a choice of five cutting decks which give the ability to cut close to lawn and path edges and can reach under low hanging branches.

Stiga PArk 520 P ride-on lawn tractor
Estates and parks: Stiga Park 520 ride-on lawn tractor

The decks have ten cutting-heights, the engine is from Briggs & Stratton, 500cc, with low vibration levels, and the hydrostatic transmission helps cutting and navigation in restricted areas.

Cutting decks are available in widths from 95cm to 110cm.

Both seat and steering wheel are adjustable and the deck lift is foot operated.

It costs £2844 compared with the recommended price of £3255 and is delivered free within three to five working days with a three year warranty.

Simpliocity Regent garden tractor
Great buy: Simplicity Regent garden tractor

The Simplicity Regent XL/SLT200 Garden Tractor is a really comfortable machine to drive with a 117cm cutting deck and a 724cc Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder engine.

This is a side discharge machine intended for use on larger meadows but you can buy an mulch kit or a grass collection system.

It has a padded seat, cruise control, even a cup holder, making it a really enjoyable garden tractor to drive.

The costs is £2999 and it is delivered free in four to six working days with a two year maker’s warranty.

And finally one from Italy, the Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor with Electronic Grassbag Emptying.

This has a 125cm cutting width and a massive 310 litre grass box which can be emptied just by pushing a button.

Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH garden tractor
Electronic grass box: Oleo_mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor

You can either collect the grass, mulch the clippings or discharge them to the rear with this truly versatile tractor and the two blades combine to give great airflow under the cutting deck and make it an excellent collector of wet grass.

A Briggs & Stratton 724 twin cylinder engine provides the power and the transmission is hydrostatic and infinitely variable giving great speed control.

It is suitable for all manner of mowing tasks from one to five acres.

This is a real money saving deal. The price is £3799, a full £1200 below the recommended price. You also receive a free mulch kit which normally costs £100 and the free electronic grassbox emptying kit worth £350.

It is delivered free within two to three working days and there is a reassuring three-year warranty from Oleo-Mac.

These are just ten of the lawn and garden tractors on our site. See these pages for the full selection and please give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you need advice before deciding which one to buy.

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