Keep On The Grass. It’s Still Growing You Know!

I don’t generally take time to do extra blogs as a rule, being far too busy gardening, writing my novel (it’s been a while now) and putting enough money over the bar of the Frog and Trumpet to keep the Landlord’s children in private education, expensive clothes and holidays to Tunisia but, after my leaf-ridden efforts of today I thought I ought to add a codicil. While looking at the leaves covering my lawn, I suddenly realised how much the grass has grown since I looked last. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees… if you know what I mean.

What with the boom and bust weather we’ve been experiencing recently, you will probably find your grass has has also sprung up like artisan bakeries in a gentrified area and needs a good cut. In fact, with the weather as it is, you will probably find there are quite a few cuts to go before you retire your lawn mower, put your feet up and start to worry about your heating bill.

So, don’t forget to get out this weekend, or tomorrow, or even today, and if you need a gleaming new machine at an unbeatable price with FREE next day delivery … well you know where to come.

We have some amazing deals, like our Top Mower Deals where you will find a host of great, well-priced machines.

The Oleo-Mac G48TK - Very smart and shiny!
The Oleo-Mac G48TK – Very smart and shiny!

For example, the superb and highly popular Oleo-Mac G48-TK Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower ( a secret weapon this, these Oleo-Macs are just becoming more and more popular and the fan club is growing).  It’s sharp and smart as a particularly smart tack and amazing value at 219.95, a £100 below the recommended price.

Then there’s the incredibly popular (just look at the reviews) Mountfield HP183 Petrol Rotary Hand-Propelled Lawnmower.

The Mountfield HP183 - Big, Red, Popular and Fabulous
The Mountfield HP183 – Big, Red, Popular and Fabulous

Big, red and fabulous,like a glitter encrusted fire engine it’s on a very special offer and at £199 it’s also a full £100 below the RRP.

And of course, if you can’t make up your mind and my descriptions merely confuse you, our team of friendly experts are more than happy to help if you need help and will give unbiased advice.

And if you have a large garden and an expansive lawn, from 500m2 up to something  that makes Kew Gardens look like a grass verge, why not have a look at our Top Tractor Deals with ride on mowers including some very fine best sellers from Mountfield and some excellent Lawnflite models which are flying out of the store like…er…flying Ride-on Mowers.

I don’t want to steal Dick’s thunder, as he’s the real mower expert and has written several great blogs about our mower collections including this one… featuring fabulous German engineered Einhell  mowers and this one  that features some of our Autumn mower and Ride-On bargains, so I’ll leave it there but don’t forget YOUR GRASS STILL NEEDS YOU! Enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy

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