Autumn Leaves. But Not For A While. Get Clearing!

So Autumn is definitely here.  It has put its bags down in the hall, made itself a hot drink, put its feet up and is going to stay for a short break and a mooch around before it hands over the keys to Winter. (Go away Winter, we don’t want you, and we shall pretend not to be in when you ring the doorbell with your freezy fingers). I noticed yesterday, when I dipped my toes, as I occasionally do, into the muddy and ‘cute-cat photo’ laden waters of Facebook, that we at MowDirect are running a competition for a pretty decent Cobra Leaf-Blower, (good luck to all the entrants) and after  few exchanges on the comments forum with my colleague Holly – who clearly spends more time on Facebook than she ought – I decided it was time to take a good look at my own lawn, as I have been rather busy up the plot recently and may have neglected it a little.

The leaves are well and truly falling now, spreading golden, brown and rusty red splashes all over my garden and everyone else’s for that matter, not to mention covering the roads, scattering the pavements,

This man has very long arms...
This man has very long arms…

clogging the drains and filling up your guttering (always worth remembering that ‘cos it can cause havoc when the rains come).

And if my pal, and MowDirect blogger, Dick’s lawn is anything to go by (see again the details of our current competition) the problem is worse than we think. Leaves everywhere.

Why? You shout (I can hear you from here) fallen leaves are delightful. They give colour to our lives at a time when we are beginning to experience  the darker part of the cycle of decline and decay. They herald in Halloween – the night when evil, malevolent spirits  are abroad… wearing masks and asking for sweets, and Bonfire Night (as it used to be called when you were allowed bonfires) and…well, yes. There is no doubting that fallen leaves look pretty, that they are a festive sign of the changing of the seasons,  and that there’s nothing like kicking gleefully through piles of crisp leaves hoping a dog hasn’t left something for you underneath. Not to mention the countless sugar paper based Autumn leaf covered collages that you will receive from the sticky hands of your small children,

Yes dear, it's lovely. Now can I lay the table for dinner?
Yes dear, it’s lovely. Now can I lay the table for dinner?

or the pile of leaves and berries they will dump on your table that you have to look at NOW!

In fact where would junior art classes be without them? However. They are a real problem if you leave them on your lawn for long. They help pests to breed, and stop water air and nutrients reaching the parts of the lawn they need to reach. So now is the time to be looking at blowers, suckers and all things leaf-cleary.

You could do worse than check out Dick’s blog of yesterday with three of our best leaf-sweepers. He really needs to take his own advice and get one from what I can see. And if you are lucky enough to win our Cobra Blower, great. But if not. Why not check out our great selection of best buy blowers and blower vacs here. All at great prices with FREE next day delivery as usual. Or you might want to look at some of our fabulous  wheeled vacuums like this one from Billy Goat  especially if you have an extensive garden.

And if the worst comes to the worst, you could always resort to the old rake. The main thing is, if you value your lawn don’t leave it covered in leaves. It’s a big mistake!  So. Get out there and clear up them leaves, and enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy.


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