Post Holiday Blues, or is it Greens? What Now In The Garden?

So. I get back from my lovely hols expecting every plant, blade of grass and spike of chive to have shrivelled and died on account of I forgot to leave my keys for Brody to come in, only to find there appears to have been a monsoon and everything is lush, green and thriving…even the mould on the Camembert I inadvertently left open on the kitchen table!

It looks like it rained in a biblical style at some stage over the last week or so  and thank goodness for that. Now what to do? After a longish and memorable period of time spent sipping, soaking, nibbling and lying prone on a comfortable lounger in a paradise of grape loving people, absorbing the rays of a foreign sun I’m a bit louche and exceptionally wary about the post holiday blues kicking in. But quite the opposite, there are no blues in this garden today, only vibrant greens! I find myself filled with a kind of ebullient enthusiasm I have not felt for some time… if ever. Refreshed and revitalized by my travels,  I want to do some work in my garden. Yes, shock horror I KNOW!

So I look around. I survey my space, a partially filled canvas of opportunity. I call my friend Brody to ask what I should do with my newly found energy (always a mistake to ask him an open question like that offering him the chance to be rude and I am not going to do what he first suggested).

First,  the pond (which he recently cleaned out if you remember) certainly needs no more water, the level is higher than when I left. Thank you biblical rain. There is some clearing up to do and I certainly need to remove some leaves and debris from the water and check the dreaded algae has not started to creep back.

He told me this is a time for deadheading my rose bushes, of which I have a few, he is also is of the opinion that sowing some hardy hardy annuals now can lead to a very prolific bloom next year.

I also need to clean up my decking, take off any moss, lichen, dripped grease from some drunk person’s burger etc, and so on and, with that in mind, I am investing in a pressure washer like this one from Stihl to wash away the grubbiness.

And finally , for this is to be short (for me) and sweet ( I have SO much to do) I shall be whipping out the old lawn mower, my low-cost, low emission, battery powered beauty  what I purchased after this blog way back in March.

So. That’s me. Refreshed and ready for battle to commence. Let’s see how long it lasts! See Ya soon. Holly






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