Mower made to tackle the roughest garden growth

Many of you will probably remember the old scythe bar mowers with their massive cast iron driving wheels.

Once started – and that wasn’t easy – they would trundle along and were difficult to control and often left their user behind working through hedges and flower and vegetable gardens.

Al-Ko scythe bar mower
Rough stuff: Al-Ko BM III scythe bar mower

But machines like this had their uses and the modern versions and much easier to control and much safer.

If you have a large area overgrown with gorse and bramble, or fields of long grass and weeds this will do the trick, the Al-Ko BM 870-III Scythe-Bar Mower.

Both the wheels and cutter bar are driven by a 148cc Briggs & Stratton engine and it will easily deal with rough undulating ground.

The cutter bar is 34in wide – 87cm in old – money and it is fitted with a grass deflector so you don’t have to walk through the rubbish you’ve just cut.

The handles can be adjusted to suit the height of the user and there is a vibration damping system to make it more comfortable to use over longer periods.

You can also buy snow chains and a snow plough to fit to this machine so it has its uses throughout the year.

It costs £749 and is delivered fully assembled within two to three working days. And there is a two year warranty from Al-Ko, a leading German engineering company.

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