Summer Good, and Some are Not, But All’s Forgiven When it’s Hot. Now Wimbledon is dead and gorn. Get up, Get Out and Mow Your Lawn!

So Wimbledon is over now and Novak claimed the gold. Serena got her slam and many strawberries were sold

The grass looked worn and tired, by the time the finals came. More rain was needed and some fell to interrupt the game.

The ashes are progressing, if you like that sort of thing, and men on bikes are up the Alps all busy cycling.

The nights are short, the days are long, the sun shines through the tree-tops. I hear the sound of ice-cream vans and see grown men in flip-flops.

Yes summer’s here, the sun has shone, the ground is rather hard.  But is your lawn surviving? Or is it slightly charred?

"You might want to think about watering that!"
“You might want to think about watering that!”

Does it have stripes, all neat and smart? Is it a lawn of breeding? Or is it just a wilderness in dire need of weeding?

Does it need water? Probably, the sun has scorched and dried it. Does it need feeding? Bet it does, don’t mock it till you’ve tried it.

Has it been cut or scarified while Wimbledon was on? Or just ignored and left to grow while Inverdale droned on?

Come on. It’s time to treat your lawn, to cut it and to nurture. To get out there and do some work, ‘cos hard work never hurt ya.

Get out your roller mower, get those lovely stripes correct. And if you need a new one come and visit MowDirect!

And what about the jungle that your garden has become, that patch just by the shed reminds me of the Amazon!

I won’t say that it’s overgrown but let there be no doubt, I just spotted a celebrity, trying to get out!

So get yourself a Brushcutter, Tanaka? Kawasaki? and clear the jungle like a chap from Kipling or from Saki.

And what about your hedge? When did you last give that a trim? It’s rather overgrown and sunlight’s fighting to get in.

So get your gloves, your goggles and your hedgetrimmer and do it. Just sweep from side to side and up the front, there’s nothing to it.

And if you find your hedgetrimmer is worn out, bust or wrecked,  you know just where to come, you’ll find the best at MowDirect.

In short the summer’s over soon, it always goes too fast, so keep your garden looking great, enjoy it while it lasts.

Be proud of all you have achieved, your stripes, your flowers, your veg. And when you need new gear, look here, we are the cutting edge.

And don’t forget,we’re here to help so if you need advice call 08454 588905 – Nice!

That’s it from me, for now at least, I’m off to drink some Moet. So See Ya, and adieu from Holly Ashcroft – lady poet.












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