Ten top brushcutters from Japanese manufacturers

The Japanese engineer and manufacture some of the best brushcutters available.

And as this is the time of year when rougher areas like small paths and spinneys need to be trimmed back we have assembled a list of ten top brushcutters from Japanese manufacturers.

First is the Kawasaki BK27E Brushcutter Petrol Brushcutter with its 27 cc engine and the company’s air-cooled two-stroke performance which minimises noise and fuel-costs while maximising power.

Kawasaki BK27E: low noise, high power and value

A gentle pull with two fingers is all that is needed to fire it up and it has a loop handle which is easier to use in confined spaces.

It weighs 7.2kg and has a ‘Tap ‘n’ go’ head which automatically feeds out strimming line.

It costs £279.00, £50 less than the recommended price and has a five years domestic/2 year professional warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

Tanaka manufacturers high quality and tough garden machinery which is increasingly the choice of the professional.

Their Tanaka TBC-2390 Line-Trimmer is a loop-handled machine currently on special offer with a 24cc engine driving a rigid shaft mounted on ball bearings.

Tanaka TCG-24EAS brushcutter
Loop handle: Tanaka TCG-24EAS brushcutter

Weighing 4.6kg it comes with a shoulder harness to make longer tasks less tiring.

You can turn this machine into a hedgetrimmer or pruner by purchasing attachments.

It costs £239, £50 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. A brushcutter blade costs £15 and replacement line and a safety helmet can be bought for special prices.

Delivery is free the next working day and there is a five-year warranty.

Kawasaki Pro performance 35ED

Kawasaki is again, another company to which professional gardeners often turn.

Their Kawasaki BK35ED Brushcutter is a high-spec machine made to tackle tough scrub and brush.

It has a 35 cc engine with an effective silencer and is designed to keep fuel costs down. A blade with three mean teeth and a nylon strimming head are supplied, the strimming head has a bump feed mechanism so you just bump the head on the ground to feed out more line.

It weighs 8.2kg and comes with a shoulder harness to make larger jobs less tiring it features superior anti-vibration technology.

This high-performance model costs £319, £40 less than the maker’s recommended price and has a five-year domestic warranty, two years for domestic use. Next working day delivery is free.

Tanaka 2390D Powerful and lightweight

Another from Tanaka on special offer is their TBC-2390D Petrol Brushcutter.  This model is fitted with cowhorn handles often preferred by professionals for use when cutting down large areas of thicker scrub when a sweeping motion cuts through large swathes of thick weeds like nettles easily and quickly.

It has a solid drive shaft and weighs 4.5kg. Both a cutting blade and strimming head are included in the price.

It costs £319, over £70 off the recommended price and has a five-year warranty and free delivery.

83 metres of replacement strimming line costs £20.

Kawasaki BK27ED brishcutter
Tough worker: Kawasaki BK27ED brushcutter

The Kawasaki BK27ED Brushcutter has a commercial spec with a 27cc engine and has been developed to take on large areas of thick scrub including brambles and thorn.

Another with cowhorn handles it has a vibration damping system and comes with a shoulder harness and has both a nylon strimming head and a metal blade with three teeth.

It costs £299, £40 off the recommended price and has a five-year domestic warranty, two for commercial use.

This next one, the Mitox 450UX Premium+ Clearing Saw Petrol Brushcutter has 427 cc engine designed to rip through thick undergrowth.

It is easy to start having a recoil with Soft Start and an automatic choke and cowhorn handles will be beneficial to comfort and back health.

It costs £299, £70 less than the recommended price and has a five-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Professionals who want a lightweight machine with bags of power often look to the Mitox 3500LK PRO Petrol Brushcutter

Mitox 3500LK Light and strong with Kawasaki power – a pro-choice

This has a 34.3cc Kawasaki engine designed to start easil

It has a KAR recoil-system takes the strain out of starting the engine.

Despite its power, it weighs only 7.6kg and has both a strimming head and brush cutting blade.

It costs £499, a full £100 less than the price recommended and has a five-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Mitox is a company which manufactures excellent garden machinery and is known for its multi-tools and the next brushcutter up from the 3500 offers even more power and balance.

Mitox 4500UK brushcuter
Leading manufacturer: Mitox 4500UK brushcutter


This is the 4500UK Pro Brushcutter is a serious piece of kit with a 45.4cc engine designed to minimise emissions and maximise torque.

It is supplied with a metal cutting blade, a nylon line strimming head and has a very large fuel tank so you can use it for an hour and a half without filling up.

It has a full shoulder harness and weighs 8.6kg.

It costs £599 and is delivered free the next working day with a five-year warranty.

Now we’re getting into serious equipment, the sort used by estate workers and local authorities who have to trim down large areas, working for long hours.

The Tanaka TBC-4200DX Petrol Brushcutter currently on special offer has a 40cc engine and is fitted with

Commercial machine: Tanaka TBC4200DX

cowhorn handlebars and comes with a double shoulder harness. And yet it weighs only 7.9kg.

Our offer saves you £100 on the bRRP, as it costs £479 compared with the recommended price of £579 and has a five-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

With you receive a free helmet with visor and ear muffs worth £24.95 and a free litre of 2-stroke oil worth £5.95.

And finally a  real professional machine equipped to carry out the heaviest tasks on thick bramble and thorn.

The Tanaka TBC-600 Petrol Brushcutter has a 47 cc engine, an easy-starter with advanced air filters to prolong its working life.

Range-topper: Tanaka TBC-600 Petrol Brushcutter

It has a large fuel tank, advanced vibration damping and cowhorn handles for working long periods.

Both a mean cutting blade and a nylon line strimming head are included and the machine costs £589, a whopping £140 less than the recommended price. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a five-year warranty.

Strimming lawn edges and cutting down the thicker stuff is vital if the overall appearance of the garden and estate is not to be spoiled and their machines will all do the job for you.

See our site for a huge selection of strimmers and brush cutters. There are also self-propelled machines to cut longer areas more quickly and if you are not sure what type of machine you want then please give our team a ring 08454 588905.

And above all, watch the nettles. You’ll do well if you’re cutting back large areas to avoid being stung at least once!

Updated May 2018


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