Sturdy lawnmowers from leading German engineering company

German engineering company Einhell produces excellent, reliable mowers at keen prices.

And with the grass growing quickly after the weekend downpours many households are looking to update their old machines.

Einhell makes a large range of mowers and you can see the full selection on these pages but to give you a flavour of their range here are three to consider.

Einhell GH-PM lawn mower
Bag a bargain: Einhell GH-PM mower

Their basic mower is the GH-PM 46/1 S Self-Propelled 4-Wheeled Petrol Lawnmower, currently on special offer.

This is a strong little mower with a 135cc engine and a 46cm-wide cut.

Cutting heights are from 32mm to 70mm, the fuel tank holds1.3 litres and the grass box 60 litres. The rear wheel drive can be disengaged for tighter corners when you don’t want the mower to run away with you.

It is delivered free the next working day and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and it costs £199.95, £120 less than the maker’s recommended price.

This next one is a truly versatile mower and is exclusive to MowDirect.

The GC-PM 51/2 SHW 4-in-1 self-propelled mower has four ways of dealing with the clippings.

Einhell GC-PM 51/2 SHW lawnmower
Exclusive: Einhell GC-PM 51/2 SHW lawnmower

You can either discharge to the back or side, useful when cutting areas like orchards or small paddocks, or you can mulch them and let them fall back on to the lawn where they rot down or collect in normal way.

The cutting width is 51cm making it suitable for larger lawns and the high-wheel design make it easier to mow rougher areas and to manoeuvre it.

It has a more powerful 173cc engine and is at home on smooth lawns as well as the rougher areas.

The starter rope is positioned on the handles, another useful feature if you have a dodgy back. And you receive a free 10-litre Jerry Can worth £24.95 with this one.

It costs £299.95, £180 less than the recommended price and has a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

And their top-of-the range mower, and another exclusive to MowDirect is the Einhell RG-PM 51VS 4-in-1 Petrol Lawnmower with Variable Speed.

Einhell RG-PM 51VS mower
Set the pace: Einhell RG-PM 51VS 4-in-a lawnmower

Variable speed means you can adjust the speed to that which suits your walking speed and to the conditions.

This one also has four ways of dealing with the clippings, a feature you really want if mowing a variety of lawns and grassy areas.

The grass box has an indicator to show when it’s full so you won’t leave unsightly clumps on a freshly-mown lawn.

And the handlebars are adjustable to suit the height of the user and are padded to lessen tiring vibrations.

This costs £399.95, £200 less than the recommended price and has a two year warranty and free next working day delivery.

We have a massive selection of mowers on our site and if you’re uncertain which one is best for you and your garden then give us a ring on 08454 588905.




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