Ten gardening tools to make your life easier and your neighbours jealous

We’ve all been there. A big box arrives at the neighbour’s house and shortly afterwards there’s the noise of an engine firing up and you look over the fence to see a cracking new machine at work in the garden.

And you are hit with a pang of jealousy and words like ‘I could really do with one of those’ as you prepare your script to walk round and see if you can borrow it.

We sell a huge range of garden equipment and we think these ten great machines would make you the envy of your neighbours.

Mountfield MHJ2424 hedgetrimmer
Top seller: Mountfield MHJ2424 hedgetrimmer

The first is a hedgetrimmer, but this one has longer blades than many.

The Mountfield MHJ2424 Double-Bladed Petrol Hedgetrimmer with a 61cm blade and currently on special offer will cut large hedges quickly and neatly.

The double reciprocating blades have a tooth gap of 28mm so they can deal with older established hedges as well as the new Spring growth.

And there is plenty of power as it has a 24.5cc engine and yet weighs only 5.5kg.

Being well balanced and with a twist grip rear handle it will cut long hedges much more quickly than trimmers with shorter blades and is less tiring to use.

It costs £149.95 and is delivered free the next working day. There is a one year warranty from Mountfield.

Second on the list is a brushcutter exclusive to MowDirect and new for this year.

Einhel;l GE-BC 33 AS brushcutter
Comfortable to use: Einhell GE-BC 33 AS low vibration brushcutter

The Einhell GE-BC 33 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter is a German-engineered machine with very low vibration levels and has a double bearing-mounted-crankshaft with a triple rubber shock absorber.

A padded harness and cowhorn handlebars make it comfortable to use for long periods and there is plenty of power from its 32.6cc engine.

It is supplied with both a nylon line strimming head and a mean three-toothed blade for the rougher stuff.

The engine has a centrifugal clutch that stops the cutting mechanism when it idles and a split shaft makes it easy to store and transport in the boot of the car.

The recommended price is £349.95 but we have it for £169.95. Delivery is free and there is a two year warranty.

Ever looked over the fence and seen a neatly striped lawn? You can only get this effect from a mower with a rear roller and here’s a machine which will do the trick.

Castel S48BR rear roller mower
Stripes: Castel S48BR push petrol real roller mower

The Castel S48BR Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower, currently on special offer, is another exclusive to MowDirect, and has a Briggs & Stratton engine.

Cutting heights are from 20mm to 70mm adjusted by a single lever and it has a full width rear roller to leave the striped finish.

Another advantage with a mower like this is that it can cut right up to the edge of the lawn.

It also has an anti-scalp front lawn comb and a grass box which will hold 55 litres with an indicator to show when it’s full and the steel deck is powder coated to resist corrosion.

It costs just £249, £110 less than the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day. There is a two year warranty.

Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier
Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier

We were talking earlier of machines which you wish you owned and we think this is one of the most borrowed pieces of garden machinery there is.

The Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier is one of our best sellers and is over £100 less than any equivalent machine.

To look their best, lawns need regular scarifying to tease out moss, flat growing weeds and dead grass to let moisture and nutrients through.

Made for lawns of around 1000 m2 it has 18 steel blades and a working width of 40cm. There are six working heights.

It costs £279.95, £220 less than the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a two year warranty.

Now here’s a cracking little machine for those of you who can remember slashing away with a bill hook to cut down taller weeds like patches of nettles.

MD 22P wheeled trimmer mower
Amazing value: MD Tondu wheeled trimmer mower

The MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower has a head with thick nylon trimming lines which is driven by a 160cc 4-stroke engine.

The snub nose at the front means you can push it under trees and the nylon line means you can cut close to walls and fences.

With its strong wheels you can use this machine across rough ground and it is especially useful on roadside verges and banks.

It has a working width of 56cm and cutting heights from 35 to 70mm. It costs £299, £30 less than the recommended price and comes with five replacement sets of trimming line. You can buy a further ten sets for £20.

Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year warranty.

The amount of equipment needed in the garden is staggering, but here’s a neat machine which could be the answer.

Mitox 281 MT Multi Tool
Long reach: Mitox 281 MT Multi Tool

The Mitox 28MT Multi-Tool is based on a 25.4cc engine and has four attachments easily fitted with an aluminium quick-lock coupling.

With it you receive a brushcutter, grass trimmer, long-reach hedgetrimmer and a pole pruner and a 70cm long-reach extension.

The pole pruner has a 25.4cm guide bar and the hedgetrimmer has an articulating 55cm blade.

It costs £349, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

Nothing shows off a lawn like sharp, crisp edges and yet to achieve this look you have to take a sharp spade to it and the job can take for ever.

Arience lawn edger
Neat and clean: Ariens Lawn Edger

But this machine is the answer. The Ariens Lawn Edger (986501) is powered by a Subaru engine has a rotating pivot head and drop wheel so it can work at both bevelling and along kerbs.

This means you will end up with super sharp edges without a huge amount of effort.

It is belt-driven so that if you hit something solid the transmission will not be damaged.

It costs £449, $100 less than the recommended price and has a three year warranty and free next working day delivery.

At this time of year it’s very easy for lawns and garden paths to become scruffy with ask keys, dead leaves, small twigs and the like.

But this machine can keep your garden spick and span.

Billy Goat Little Billy
Clean up: Billy Goat lb352 Little Billy

The Billy Goat LB351 ‘Little Billy’ Lawn Vacuum is ideal for areas up to half and acre where it will hoover lawns, paths, patios swimming pool surrounds, the lot. It will even clear debris from gravel drives.

It has a working width of 51cm and eight working heights. The collecting bag holds 105 litres and is very easy to empty.

A hose kit is also available so you can suck up rubbish from those hard-to-reach corners.

It costs £499. £90 less than the recommended price, has a one year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Many of you may remember the old Allen scythes used for large areas of thick weeds and bracken.

Wasy to use: Al-Ko BM 87--III scythe bar mower
Easy to use: Al-Ko BM 87–III scythe bar mower

This is the modern equivalent, the Al-Ko BM 870-III Scythe-Bar Mower, a machine to tackle tougher stuff which would defeat most brushcutters.

It has 148cc Briggs & Stratton engine to drive it along power the cutter blades and has a grass deflector to clear debris from the area you have just cut.

It has extensive vibration damping so that you can use it for long periods and you can also buy accessories like a snow plough and snow chains to extend its use throughout the winter.

It costs £749 and is delivered free within two to three working days. There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

And finally another machine for mowing down areas of thick vegetation with little effort.

Efco DR51 field mower
Neat worker: Efco DR51 S6 field mower

The Efco DR51-VB6 Wheeled Brushcutter has a dolly wheel at the front which makes it easy to manoeuvre and a variable speed gearbox so you can adjust the speed according to the job.

It is has a Briggs & Stratton 190 cc engine and a 51 cm cutting width and the cutting height can be adjusted by a lever on the handlebars.

It costs £999 compared with the recommended price of £1249 and is delivered free within two to three working days.

There is a three year warranty from the manufacturer.

This gives an idea of the huge range of garden machinery on our site. But if there is a specific item you need and can’t find please give us a ring. We will either find it for you or be able to suggest an alternative.

We’re on 08454 588905.

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