Historic British mowers which leave a perfect finish

A quick glance at this mower will tell you it is an iconic piece of British design and engineering.

You can almost hear it gently puttering along manicured lawns, leaving perfect stripes and a crisp finish, while cream teas await on the terrace and the champagne cools in the ice bucket.

Allett manufactures a range of mowers from this little one suitable for the smaller perfect garden to larger models made for croquet and tennis lawns.

Allett classic 14L mower
Perfect finish: Allett Classic 14L petrol cylinder mower

The 14L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower has an 87 cc engine and has a five-bladed cutting cylinder, a steel rear roller and is self-propelled.

With a mower like this you can cut right up to the lawn edge and with its 14 in cutting width it is suitable for gardens around 150 sq metres.

It will cut right down to 9 mm and has adjustable handlebars to make it comfortable to use.

You can also buy a scarifying cassette to keep the lawn free of dead grass and moss to further enhance the finish.

Manufactured in Britain, it costs £599, £50 less than the recommended price and has a one year warranty and free delivery.

For larger lawns, the Kensington model fits the bill. There are four cutting widths available, 14 in, 17 in, and 20 in and all have 98 cc Kawasaki engines.

The Kensington 17K Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower has a six-bladed cylinder and has an adjustable rake fitted in front of the first roller to remove debris and lift the grass to achieve a smoother finish.

Cutting heights are from 6 mm to 32 mm and the grass box holds 62 litres.

You can also buy a separate scarifying cartridge.

This one costs £1049, £200 less than the recommended price and has free delivery and a two year warranty.

The 14K model costs £975 compared with a recommended price of £1149 and the 20K model costs £1149, £300 off the recommended price.

Allett’s top-of-the-range machine, the Westminster 20H Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower is the one you will often see cutting lawns and pitches at the top sporting clubs in the country – it’s used at Wimbledon for their tennis courts.

Allett Kensington lawn mower
British perfection: Allett Kensington lawn mower

This one has a 12-bladed cassette and has a 20 in cut – that’s 51 cm and gives 145 cuts per metre.

A 196 cc Honda engine provides the power and this mower and it has a fuel tank which holds 3.1 litres.

Twin heavy rollers leave a flat, even surface and an adjustable rake at the front helps achieve a perfect, neat finish. The grass box holds 84 litres.

This one costs £3395 compared with a recommended price of £3739 and it has a two year warranty and free next working day delivery.

A full range of Allett mowers can be found on these pages.




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