Lawn tractors from the USA well suited to British conditions

Perfect lawns: garden tractors can leave a great finish

Take a glance at your garden and you’ll see that the grass is growing slowly but steadily.

Those with a smaller lawn may well have given the grass a quick trim, but if you have a larger lawn or grassy area you’re probably waiting until Easter.

If you want a lawn tractor, there’s time to order one before the next holiday weekend. So here are a couple from Toro, a major manufacturer in the USA.

They make a range of tough performers and are increasingly popular in the UK.

Their smallest machine is the Toro DH140 Rear-Collect Garden Tractor. And even though it’s made across the pond, it is ideal for British weather conditions with two blades which create a powerful air flow.

This is strong enough to collect wet grass and even pick up twigs and other rubbish which can be left on the lawn after winter.

The grass box holds 250 litres and it has a 92 cm cutting width and you can easily change from collecting the clippings to mulching.

The 344 cc engine is made by Briggs & Stratton and the hydrostatic transmission allows you to set the speed precisely much like an automatic car.

It costs £1949, £350 less than the recommended price, it has a two year warranty and is delivered within two to three working days.

If you have a really large lawn this one would do the trick.

Biggest gardens: Toro DH220 rear collect garden tractor
Biggest gardens: Toro DH220 rear collect garden tractor

The Toro DH220 Rear-Collect Garden Tractor with Recycle-On-Demand has a 102 cm cutting width and a 656 cc Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder engine.

This engine has been engineered for a long life and will also cope with wet grass and twigs and is easily converted to a mulching mower.

It will cut right down to 25 mm and the speed can be set automatically to make life easier if you’re cutting large areas. Twin headlights can keep you working when it gets gloomy.

It costs £3399, has a two year warranty and is delivered free in two to three working days after receipt of the order.

All Toro lawn tractors are demonstrated when they are handed over.

But a lawn tractor is a big decision so please give us a ring if you want to discuss your options before ordering.

Our lawn tractors are listed on these pages.



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