Forget the snow and ice, now is the time to get the mower out

Snow, ice, gales, yes this is just the time to burrow back into the shed past the shovels and bikes and find the mower.

Honest. Because when you used it for the last time in the summer, chances are that you put it away for the winter without cleaning it down or draining the fuel.

Neat and tidy: you can only have a lawn like this is your mower's up tpo scratch
Neat and tidy: you can only have a lawn like this is your mower’s up to scratch

And you may also have put it away with a silent prayer that it will get you through another mowing season even though it only just made it through the autumn.

So shove the garden furniture and hosepipe out of the way, give your mower a critical look, and don’t ignore the patches of rust on the cutter deck or the missing bolts on the handle.

Now is the time to clean all the dried grass under the cutter deck, pressure wash it, drain the fuel, clean the spark plug or buy a new one and sharpen the blade.

Modern petrol degrades during the winter and is one of the most common reasons mowers don’t start in the spring.

The best way of making sure all is OK, is to take it to your local dealer and get him to service it for you. After all, if you’d bought a new car you’d have it serviced once a year.

But if your old faithful friend is on its last legs now is a good time to buy a new machine, beating the spring rush and, in some cases, taking advantage of the lower prices in winter.

For small to medium-sized lawns one of these three from Mountfields, all on special offer, will probably be just the job.

The HP180 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower has a Briggs & Stratton engine, is easy to push between flower beds and narrow paths, costs £199 and has a two year warranty.

A similar machine, and exclusive to us, the Mountfield SP180 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower, has a similar engine and cutting width but is self-propelled.

Just lift the arm on the handlebar and away you go. See the reviews on this machine to see what our customers think of it before you decide to buy; it costs £249 and has a two-year warranty from Mountfield.

Mountfield SP 533 lawn mower
Great mower: Mountfield SP533 lawn mower

And this next mower with a slightly wider cutting width, will take care of larger lawns, has a bigger grass box and will take care of the rougher areas of your garden as well.

The Mountfield SP533 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower has Mountfield’s own 160 cc engine and a powder coated finish for a longer life.

This one has a three-year warranty and is one of our most popular mowers ever. Again, read the reviews to see what other customers thought of it.

All three are delivered to the UK mainland for free the following working day after we receive your order.

So have a look at your mower now and get it serviced; then you’ll be ready once the grass starts to grow.

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