Three top chainsaws to clear away branches and trees blown down by the gales

Much of the countryside is strewn with branches and trees blown down by recent gales.

To clear them away you will probably need a decent chainsaw just to cut them where they are laying into manageable pieces.

Chainsaws are safe and simple to use and save hours of time wrestling with a bow saw and here are three great little chains for domestic use.

The first is a great buy as it comes with safety equipment and is quite powerful enough to fell saw trees or cut fallen branches.

The Einhell Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter Kit is on exclusive special offer and is made by a leading European German engineering company.

Einhell petrol chainsaw
Free safety kit: Einhell petrol chainsaw

The power comes from a 41 cc engine, produces 2 hp and has a full crank for reliability. It has also been designed to be easy to start even in cold weather.

The chain bare is 35 cm long and has a sprocket nose to ease the chain around the end and give it a longer working life.

It has automatic chain lubrication and an anti-vibration system and it weighs only 4.5 kg.

The free equipment with this saw includes a safety helmet with visor and ear protectors, work gloves, fuel mixing bottle and a replacement chain.

It costs £139.95, £60 off the maker’s recommended price and is delivered free the next working day. There is a two year warranty from Einhell.

This next one is from an Italian manufacturer whose gardening equipment is exclusive to us at Mowdirect.

Oleo Mac HS-350 chain saw
Great free accessories: Oleo-Mac GS-350 chain saw

The Oleo-Mac GS-350 Pro Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter-Pack is  on special offer and has a 38.9 cc engine producing 2 hp.

It has a 35 cm guide bar and instructions are printed on to the body of the machine.

It has a full anti-vibration system making it comfortable to use for long periods and is well balanced, weighing only 4.4 kg.

It has free chainsaw gloves, safety helmet with ear defenders and visor, a fuel mixing bottle, litre of chain saw oil and two-stroke engine oil.

The recommended price is £289.95 but we are selling it for £179.95.

There are also special prices on other associated equipment which you can take when you order the saw.

It has a three year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.

The Tanaka TCS 33EB Petrol Chainsaw with 35cm Guide Bar has a 33 cc engine to give bags of power and yet is designed to run very cleanly.

Tanaka TCS 33EB chainsaw
LIght and easy: Tanaka TCS 33EB chainsaw

With this one you can adjust the chain oil lubrication according to the tough ness of the wood you are cutting.

Side tensioning is to the side and very quick to adjust and it is fitted with a heavy duty chain brake which cuts in should you get a kick back.

It weighs 4.2 kg and is ideal for heavy-duty domestic use.

This one has a five year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery within three to five working days.

It costs £189, a useful reduction on the recommended retail price.

See these pages for an extensive list of chainsaws and remember you can give us a ring on 08454 5889805 if you would like our advice.


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