These Japanese hedgetrimmers make a great gift for the would-be topiarist

Just as a neatly trimmed edge will show off a lawn better than anything, so a hedge with sharp sides and tops emphasise neat flower beds.

And if you want to delve into the mystical world of topiary even in a small way with crenelated designs much like the ramparts of a tower, you will need a top chainsaw light, yet powerful.

These chainsaws make excellent gifts for keen gardeners and among the best are those made by Japanese company Tanaka.

This company’s hedgetrimmers have long warranties and are very easy to fire up. And the ones made for the professional gardener are exceptionally sturdy.

The entry model in the selection is the Tanaka TCH22E-AP2 (50) Petrol Hedgetrimmer currently on special offer.

This great little hedgetrimmer is suitable for most domestic users with a 21.2 cc engine which has been designed to minimise exhaust gasses and while using little fuel.

Tanaka hedge trimmer
Low emissions: TCH22 EAP Tanaka hedge trimmer

The fuel tank holds 0.3 of a litre and the blades are 50 cm long, double-sided with a 30 mm tooth gap in order to tackle thicker stems.

It also has a 180 degree twist grip rear handle to make it easier to tackle more unusually-shaped hedges.

It costs only £199, £90 less than the recommended retail price and is delivered free the next working day. And there is an extra-long five year warranty.

The Tanaka THT-210S Hedgetrimmer also available at a special price has a 22 cc engine and is designed to minimise engine noise. It has also been designed to start with the lightest pull on the starting cord.

Tanaka THT210S hedgetrimmer
Top machine: THT210S hedge trimmer

This has 65 cm blades and weighs 5.2 kg and also has a twist grip rear handle with five settings.

The blades are 65 cm long so you can tackle bigger hedges and get them trimmed more quickly.

It costs £269, £130 less than the recommended price and has a five year warranty and free next working day delivery.

And to give you an idea of the range of the hedgetrimmers this company manufactures, have a look at this one.

The Tanaka THT-2540 Hedgetrimmer has a really long 100 cm blade so you can cut tall and wide hedges quickly and efficiently.

Tanaka THT 2540 hedgetrimmer
Profofessional’s choice: Tanaka THT-2540 hedgetrimmer

It has a 26 cc engine and high speed transmission and a centrifugal clutch which will stop the blades as soon as the throttle is released.

It has a full vibration system fitted and it has a collection blade to sweep the trimmings away from the hedge as you work. This design of hedgetrimmer is often the one preferred by professional gardeners.

It has a five year domestic use warranty, two years for professional use and ius delivered free the next working day. It costs £399, £100 off the recommended price.

For a wide selection of hedgetrimmers see these pages on our site.

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