Great little saw for preparing wood for the fire

Cutting logs with a bow saw is great exercise, but there is an easier way to prepare logs for the fire.

There are petrol-powered chainsaws made for every type of task right up to felling large trees.

But if you just need to saw logs then a simple little electrically-powered chainsaw is adequate.

These saws are much lighter and produce no emissions and are much easier to use. And they have all the power needed to cut wood to size.

Before you start work, here’s a handy tip: when cutting wood for the fire you want to end up with logs just wide enough for the grate or stove but not so long that they won’t fit.

Oleo-Mac 2000E Electric Chainsaw
Great bargain: Oleo-Mac 2000E chainsaw

So cut a small piece to the correct size and keep it by you when preparing the logs. That way you’ll have a handy gauge to check the length is you’re not certain.

Here’s an ideal little saw for firewood, the Oleo-Mac GS200E Electric Chainsaw – 41cm Guide Bar, currently on special offer and exclusive to us.

This saw has a 2000W electric motor and a 41 cm guide bar. As well as sawing firewood you can use it for cutting down overhanging branches on trees and thinning out saplings in hedges.

The chain is automatically lubricated and the motor has a thermal cut-out to stop it overheating.

It is fitted with rubber dampers to minimise the vibration levels and it has a safety switch to eliminate accidental starting and a braking system to stop the chain if there is a kick-back.

It comes with 10 metres of power cable and a three year warranty for the manufacturer.

It costs £99.95, £80 less than the recommended retail price. There are a number of other extras which you can buy at special prices when you order. Delivery the next working day is free.

See these pages for an extensive list of chainsaws, both petrol, mains and battery powered.

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