Generators to keep the lights burning when the power fails

The clever people at the Met Office have forecast wet and windy weather for the next few weeks.

And if you live in the countryside, windy weather often means power cuts.

You can guard against these with a stand-by generator and here are three from Loncin which may help.

But remember that generators should never be used indoors and they are not a lot of use if you have not purchased cables to run from the generator to the appliance you want to use.

The Loncin LC2500-AS Generator will give you enough power to run lights, a small fridge. It can also run machinery in a workshop or garden shed.

Loncin LC2500-AS generator
Simple machine: Loncin LC2500-AS generator


The 4-stroke engine has a rated output of 2 KW and has two 16 amp sockets and an automatic voltage regulator and yet is small enough to store in a garage or shed.

The fuel tank holds 18 litres and will run for around 15 hours on a full tank.

It costs £339 compared to the recommended price of £419.99, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

The Loncin LC2000i Inverter Generator is a lightweight yet powerful little machine and can provide emergency power for sensitive equipment like laptops and televisions.

Loncin LC20001-S generator
Bags of power: LC20001-S inverter generator

It has a microprocessor to replace the traditional alternator and produces 1.6KW of power thanks to a 79 cc engine and is fitted with a device to adjust the engine speed according to the load.

It is very quiet and will run for seven hours on a tank of fuel.

It costs £599 compared with the recommended price of £749.99, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

And the top-of-the-range model is the Loncin LC8000D-AS Petrol Powered Generator which will run for eight hours on a 25 litre tank of fuel.

Londin LC8000D generator
Lights up: Loncin LC8000D generator


This one produces 6 KW and a maximum of 7.5 KW and has a rated voltage outputs of 110/230V.

It is fitted with automatic voltage regulation and has three 32 amp sockets.

It costs £799 compared with the recommended retail price of £1019.99 and we deliver it free within two to three working days.

It has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.



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