Top Japanese chainsaws with five year warranties

Chainsaws are an essential piece of the gardeners’ armoury to cut fire wood, trim overhanging branches and fell trees and Japanese manufacturer Tanaka has a range of machines to suit all needs.

As a rough rule of thumb, you’ll need a chainsaw with a longer guide bar if you are felling larger trees and a shorter one of you are simply cutting firewood or cutting down saplings.

So to give you an idea of the machines available in the Tanaka range here are three of them.

The Tanaka TCS 33EB Petrol Chainsaw has a 35 cm guide bar and has a 33 cc engine with a large fuel tank and very low emissions.

Tanaka TCS 33EB chainsaw
LIght and easy: Tanaka TCS 33EB chainsaw

Chain tensioning is easily adjusted by a side control and there is a chain brake to stop the chain should the saw kick back when being used. And it weighs just 4.3 kg.

It costs £189, £30 off the recommended retail price and we deliver it free within three to five working days. Plus there is a five year warranty for domestic use.

If you want a machine for heavier tasks like felling trees or cutting thicker branches from trunks

Tanaka ECV 3801 chainsaw
Tree feller: Tanaka ECV 3801 chainsaw

then this one, the Tanaka ECV 3801 Petrol Chainsaw with a 38cm Guide Bar could be the one.

This has a 39 cc engine and is designed to keep vibrations to a minimum and is made easy to start with a decompression valve.

It also has an advanced air filter to give the engine a longer life.

For such a powerful machine it weighs only 4 kg giving a great power to weight ratio.

The chain lubrication is automatic and it has a fast-acting chain brake if you do get a kick back.

It costs £389, £80 less than the recommended retail price and is deli8verd free within three to five working days. Again there is an extra-long five year warranty for domestic use.

And the top of the range machine is the Tanaka TCS51EAP Petrol Chainsaw a real professional machine with a 45 cm guide bar.

TRanaka TCS51EA chainsaw
Top worker: Tanaka TC51-EAP chainsaw

This has a 3.5 hp 50 cc engine and is the one chosen by professional gardeners and householders with larger trees to fell or bigger branches to cut.

The engine is built to use 30 per cent less fuel than similar machines and reduces exhaust emissions by 70 per cent.

It comes with an Oregan chain bar and chain and has adjustable chain lubrication. The machine weighs just 5.1 kg.

It costs £599, £100 less than the recommended retail price and is delivered free within three to five working days. And again there is a five year warranty for domestic use.

We have an extensive range of chainsaws on our site, see these pages for further details.



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