Top German chainsaw with free safety equipment and on exclusive special offer

If you have a pile of old wood at the bottom of the garden or a wooded area which needs thinning out, then you need a chainsaw.

And this one, from German manufacturer Einhell, is an ideal domestic machine for any gardener.

And if you’ve never owned a chainsaw before this could be an ideal first purchased as it comes with a large selection of free safety equipment.

Einhell petrol chainsaw
Free safety kit: Einhell petrol chainsaw

The Einhell Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter Kit, a machine exclusive to us and on special offer has £60 worth of equipment and is an ideal saw for cutting firewood to the correct length as well as lopping overhanging branches and felling smaller trees.

It has a 41 cc engine developing 1.5 hp and with an automatic choke is very easy to start.

The guide bar is 35 cm long and is made by Oregan, a leading company which also manufactures the chain. It has a centrifugal clutch and automatic chain lubrication. It weighs 4.5kg.

It has a fast-acting chain brake as a useful safety feature and a chain catcher to protect the user in case the chain become derailed.

A claw grip bites into logs being cut making it easier to use.

It is delivered with a free chainsaw helmet, ear muffs and visor, free replacement chain, free work gloves and a fuel mixing bottle.

You can also buy chain lubricating oil, 2-stroke engine oil and an MD saw horse with a chainsaw attachment at special prices.

It costs £139.95, £60 less than the recommended retail price and is delivered free the next working day with a two year warranty.

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