Two mighty machines to clear leaves in wide open spaces

Fallen leaves are a nuisance for even a small garden but if you have a large area to keep clean it can be a nightmare – and don’t even think about fetching out the yard broom.

Might Mac LB5-EX leaf blower
Gale force: Might Mac LB5-EX wheeled leaf blower

This machine could be the answer, the Mighty Mac LB5-EX Leaf Blower, currently on special offer has a Briggs & Straton Intek engine to give a 257 km/hour gale of wind thanks to a 38 cm impellor and the direction of the blast can be adjusted by a nudge with the boot on a deflector.

It is easy to manoeuvre with a front castor wheel and pneumatic rear tyres and because it is so easy to steer it requires minimal effort to push along.

It costs £399 and is delivered the next working day free of charge. There is aone year warranty from the manufacturer.

A more powerful machine from the same stable is the Mighty Mac LB8-EZ EX Leaf Blower, also on special offer.

This is a machine made for the toughest tasks which local authorities and professional gardeners often face and can tackle thick covering of wet leaves which can be slippery and dangerous when matted and trodden down.

Might Mac LB8-EZ leaf blower
Wide spaces: Might Mac LB8-EZ leaf blower

This has an 8 hp Brigs & Stratton engine which has low vibration levels and excellent fuel consumption.

It has a 38cm impellor producing a powerful air blast, strong enough to move small branches, bottles and cans.

A castor wheel at the front makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight areas and front handles which fold down mean it takes less storage space.

It costs £549 and has a one year warranty from the manufacturer. We deliver it free the next working day.

No matter whether you have a small pocket handkerchief garden or a wide expanse of fields and car parks to keep clean there is a machine on our site which will suit you. See these pages for details or give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like our help.



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