Cracking little wheeled trimmer to deal with the garden’s untidy area

Rougher areas can spoil the look of any garden and can be difficult to cut back as they are too thick for ordinary lawnmowers or even lawn tractors and working an old-fashioned garden scythe is a skill few gardeners have these days.

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer
Clear the weeds: MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer

This neat little machine is the answer. The MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower is a two-wheeled machine with a 4-stroke 159 cc petrol engine to power a front strimmer.

This little machine is hand propelled and can cope with all sorts of really rough areas and is excellent for trimming back roadside and drives and verges and can also handle ditch and river banks.

It has a blunt front nose housing the strimming head so it can be pushed under bushes and overhanging branches.

The frame is made from strong steel and the tyres and the strong nylon strimming line can trim through thicker and heavier weeds and can even cut down brambles.

Because of the nature of the machine it can strim close to walls and garden posts.

The trimming width is 56 cm and the cutting height is adjustable from 35 mm to 70 mm.

The engine has a throttle lever so you can adjust the revs according to the thickness of the vegetation.

It costs £299 and you can buy additional sets of trimming line for £15. We deliver it free the next working day and it has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have larger areas which are unkempt and need occasional cutting you could also consider a scythe bar or sickle bar mower – see these pages for a full selction.



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