How to look after your lawn this autumn

 How to look after your lawn this autumn
    After a summer of hard wear and dry spells, maintaining your lawn this autumn should be high on your list of priorities for outside. 

Whether you're green-fingered or need a helping hand in the garden, now is the time to look after your lawn. If your grass requires a little TLC, the imminent change in seasons is the perfect time of year to get work done, as preservation treatments have the time to take effect before temperatures plummet. 

Lawns of all shapes and sizes deserve to be handled with care, so take time to carry out a few simple but essential steps to restore your grass to its crowning glory. 

Firstly, a little damage assessment is in order. Whether your lawn has seen better days thanks to pets and children or it's in tip-top shape and just needs a little extra attention, make sure it's prepared to survive the winter. 

A change in the weather means your grass will begin to grow at a much slower pace, however there are a number of lawn care treatments worth investing in to look after it during this potentially damaging time of year.  


If you have a buildup of dead moss and old grass stems, also known as thatch, the easiest way to get rid of this is to scarify your lawn. It is a beneficial treatment that keeps levels of debris to a minimum, and allows water and lawn treatments to get to the root. 


Aerating, or often known as spiking, is a fantastic technique that helps you look after your lawn, whilst giving it time to breathe. It reduces the chances of it getting water-logged or suffering during a drought. 

The process should be carried out every two to three years, concentrating on the areas that have received the most wear. Smaller areas can be spiked with a garden fork, approximately ten to 15 cm deep to achieve the same benefits. 


If your lawn has weathered as a result of sun damage, top-dressing is a great way to revive it and bring it back to health. Applying loam soil, sand and well-rotted organic matter will correct any irregularities in the ground and encourages rooting and the grass to thicken as it grows. 

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