October gardening weather

October gardening weather
    During September, the weather was ideal for gardeners, allowing them plenty of time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

In fact, it turned out to be significantly better than the prediction issued by the forecasters at the start of the month – claims that changeable conditions would emerge during the middle and end of the month turned out to be false.

Of course, weather forecasting is hardly an exact science and predictions can sometimes be quite inaccurate.

According to the Met Office, the conditions that are expected to predominate in October involve a split between the north-west and the south and east of the UK.

This is a familiar theme in British weather, with the north and west affected by low pressure systems moving in from the Atlantic, bringing unsettled conditions, while the south and east enjoy the lion's share of the brighter, more settled weather.

The start of October could therefore be significantly wetter for Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland than the start of September was.

During mid-October, the north-west/south-east split is expected to continue. Daytime temperatures are likely to be close to average, while it should feel pleasantly warm in the more settled parts of the country.

Gardeners will be looking to take advantage of those fine and dry spells to get their jobs done. But don't do too much hard work – it could be your last chance to crack open the deckchairs and soak up the last of the year's sunshine.

Recently, the Met Office revealed Arctic sea ice may have reached its minimum extent for this year.

At 5.02 million sq km, it is the sixth-lowest extent observed since satellite observations became available in 1979.

This may have consequences for the UK, with the evidence suggesting low levels of sea ice could drive easterly winds across Europe, potentially resulting in unusually cold conditions. Best enjoy the warm weather while it's here!

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