Billy Goat machines to gobble up fallen leaves and other garden rubbish

With the leaves of brown tumbling down in the September sun, lawns, paths and drives can look a little scruffy and to help here are three machines from a Billy Goat, a USA company which makes some of the best wheeled vacs in the world.

These machines are increasingly popular as they are very simple to use – just fire them up push them along – and will cover all manner of surfaces from lawns to paths and gravel drives.

Billy Goat Little Billy
Let the Goat do the work: Billy Goat Little Billy

The first in their extensive range is the Billy Goat LB352 ‘Little Billy’ Lawn Vacuum, on special offer.

This machine will collect fallen leaves and also deal with general garden rubbish, twigs and clippings and has a Briggs & Stratton 158 cc engine and a working width of 51 cm – 20 in.

There are eight working heights and the machine is suitable for areas up to around half an acre.

The collection bag holds 105 litres and is simple to empty and has a special design to allow it to collect leaves from a gravel drive without piucking up th gravel.

It costs £539 compared with the recommended retail price of £569 and has a one year maker’s warranty.

We deliver it free the next working day.

Billy Goat KV500 Estate Series Lawn vac
Bigger gardens: Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series garden vac

Next comes a self-propelled vac, the Billy Goat KV600SP Estate Series Lawn Vacuum with Rear-Wheel Drive.

The machine has been designed so that as the collection bag fills – and it holds 151 litres – the heavier weight gives more traction to the rear wheels.

A five bladed impellor gives great suction power and will shred the debris down. The working width is 68.5 cm and oversized wheels give the vac great manoeuvrability.

The working height is easily adjustable and the collection bag has commercial fasteners rather than a zip.

It costs £1069, £60 less than the recommended retail price. We deliver it free the next working day and it has a one year warranty.

Billy Goat MV-650 multi vav
Glass and tins as well: Billy Goat MV650 Multi Vac

And finally there is the Billy Goat MV650H Multi Vac Outdoor Vacuum, a push model which gives great suction and with its top fill design keeps the dust away from the user.

This one has a 6.5 hp Honda engine and has great suction so that it can deal with leaves and twigs and even cans, paper and glass bottles.

The suction width is 73.5 cm and ha a remote intake door allowing it collect a huge variety of debris, especially thick coverings of wet, matted leaves.

It, too, will allow you to clear leaves from a drive without sucking up the gravel.

It costs £1659, £90 less than the recommended retail price, is delivered free the next working day and has a one year maker’s warranty.

We have a massive selection of leaf vacs and blowers on our site. See these pages for a full selection Billy Goat machines.



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