September gardening weather

September gardening weather
    There's plenty to do in the garden and September has got off to an auspicious start, with dry, settled conditions prevailing for many of us.

Are we in for an Indian summer? Or is the British weather getting our hopes up, only to douse them later in the month with wind and rain?

The first week certainly looks good, following on from the coolest August for 20 years, according to the Met Office forecast. Although there will be cloud cover in some areas, weather conditions will be warm for the time of year and temperatures will reach the twenties or mid-twenties.

It looks like this week is probably the best chance to get those gardening jobs done, though, as the weather could become less settled later in the month.

Changeable conditions are expected to arrive during the second week of September, with variable amounts of cloud cover. Bright or sunny spells will be interspersed with showers or rain at times, particularly in central and eastern parts. Temperatures in the north will be near normal but warmer in the south.

In mid to late September, conditions typical for this time of year will dominate, with warm sunshine interrupted by cloud, showers and occasional rain. 

Unsettled weather will be more common in the north and west, with finer and drier conditions occurring in the south and east. Above average daytime temperatures are likely to be offset by cooler than normal conditions during the nights.

So while you should definitely make the most of the good conditions at the start of the month to get the most urgent tasks done, it looks like there could be some opportunities later in the month to get some other jobs done.

Long-term, the trend looks rather promising, with The Express recently reporting that above average temperatures are likely until the end of October. Perhaps it's not time to put away the deckchairs just yet.

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