Call on the Billy Goat to gobble up the summer rubbish

Now is the time gardens and patios need a summer clear-up to keep it looking tidy after the summer parties and falling twigs.

So here are three machines from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial and domestic vacuum manufacturers all really powerful and more than capable of hovering up the leaves when autumn comes.

The Billy Goat LB352 ‘Little Billy’ Lawn Vacuum, currently on special offer, is ideal for use on large gardens and surroundings, say up to around half an acre.

The wheels can be adjusted so it can be used on either lawns or concrete with eight settings. The working width is 51 cm and the Briggs 7 Stratton engine produces loads of suction.

It has a collection bag which holds 105 litres mounted on a harness and is easily emptied. A really useful addition is the hose kit which lets you collect debris between garden furniture and trees and flower beds.

It weighs 27.2 kg and is very easy to steer and use.

It costs £539, £30 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and has a one year maker’s warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

If you’ve a bigger area then this professional machine, the Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series Lawn Vacuum, also on special offer, could be what you need.

This one is powerful to suck up paper and leaves but can also deal with bottles and cans.

A Briggs & Stratton engine and 68.4 cm working width as well as a 151 litre collection bag means it can deal with large areas quickly and efficiently.

It has a five-bladed steel impellor with serrated edges to shred any debris and pack it in and with an on-board hose kit with a 10 cm opening can clean out crevices and difficult corners and edges more efficiently.

The maker’s recommended price is £819, £50 off the maker’s recommended retail price.

It is delivered free the next working day and has a one year warranty from Billy Goat.

And this next one is intended for larger areas like formal gardens and small parks and is self-propelled.

The Billy Goat MV650-SPH Multi Vac Outdoor Vacuum (Self-Propelled) has a 187 cc Honda engine and a 151 litre collection bag.

This one will collect all manner of garden refuse and can deal easily with paper and pine cones and even cans and bottles.

With its mean 5-bladed impellor and powerful suction and a working width of 68.6 cm it has been designed to work in the wet and has semi-pneumatic tyres it can cover large areas.

It is easy to drive and has a hose kit available for those awkward areas.

The hose kit costs £229 and you can also buy spare bags and a caster kit to get around more easily on hard surfaces.

It costs £1869, £100 less than the maker’s recommended price and has a one years warranty. Delivery is free then ext working day.

We have a huge selection of Billy Goat machines, see these pages for the full list.

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