Long reach trimmers make cutting high hedges a safer job

Keeping the tops of hedge tops neat and tidy is not the easiest of summer tasks and teetering on a ladder while hefting a petrol hedge trimmer is not to be advised.

So here are a couple of long reach hedge trimmers which make the job much easier and above all safer.

The Greenworks 24v Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer (2200207-A) has a lithium-ion battery which has far more power than traditional batteries, keeps its power when not in use and is fast to re-charge.

Greenworks 24V pole hedgetrimmer
High hedges: Greenworks 24V pole hedgetrimmer

This machine has running time of 35 minutes and weighs just 3.9 kg. Dual reciprocating bklades give a neat, clean cut and the head pivots to seven positions letting you cut oddle-shaped hedge tops and sides.

The shaft extends to give a reach of 2.4 to 3.6 metres, including the reach of the user.

The battery is included in the price, which is £139. It has a two year warranty and is deliverd free the next working day.

If you’re looking for a petrol-powered one then the Mitox 26LRH Long-Reach Petrol Hedgetrimmer could well fit the bill.

Mitoc 265 long-reach hedge trimmer
High hedges: Mitox 265 long-reach hedge trimmer

It has a reliable 25.4 cc engine powering 40 cm double reciprocating blades and has an articulating head to let you cut the difficult bits.

You can also buy a chain pruner head for an extra £79 and a brushcutter key for £59, extending the use of the machine.

It costs £229, has free next working day delivery and a two year warranty from Mitox.

Have a look at these pages for a wide selection of long reach hedgetrimmers.




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