Great little tractor for tackling all areas of the garden at a special price

The grass and weeds in paddocks and orchards seem to be growing especially vigorously this year and need to be kept under control if they are not to ruin the appearance of the whole domain.

This is where a lawn tractor really makes life easier and the Oleo-Mac T95/11.5 Lawn & Garden Tractor is the perfect machine for these areas.

Made by a leading European manufacturer in Italy it also has a mulching facility so you can deal with the lawn as well. The mulch kit is free, it normally costs £50.

Oleo-Mac Tornado lawn tractor
From Italy: Oleo-Mac Tornado lawn tractor

And it arrives fitted with tow bar. To turn it into a proper garden workhorse.

The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 344 cc model and it has a semi-automatic transmission with seven forward and seven reverse gears. The gears can be shifted on the move.

It has a turning circle of just 46 cm and a cutting width of 95 cm – 38 in. And another handy feature means you can remove the cutter deck without reaching for the tool box.

It costs £1299, £400 off the maker’s recommended retail price and has a three year warranty. We deliver it free within three to five working days.

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