Mitox manufacturers extensive range of top hedge trimmers – and at keen prices

American manufacturing company Mitox makes excellent lightweight garden machinery and their hedgetrimmers are no exception.

Strong and easy to use, there is an extensive range available including single-sided machines which are often the choice of professional gardeners.

The first in the range is the Mitox 60HTD Select Petrol Hedgetrimmer with 68 cm double-sided blades which give a very clean cut.

Mitox 60HTD hedge trimmer
Great cut: Mitox 60HTD hedge trimmer

It has a 25.4 cc 1 hp engine, a .65 litre fuel tank and a twin-grip rear handle to make it comfortable to use.

It costs £169, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Mitox 600DX Premium Petrol Hedgetrimmer has a similar sized engine, 1.14 hp, and a fuel tank which holds a third of a litre.

It also has a SmartPull starting system so that it fires up with just a light tug on the starter rope.

The double-reciprocating blades are 61 cm long to give a clean cut even through thicker growth.

This is a well-balanced machine weighing 5.4 kg making it easier to use over long periods.

It costs £209, has a two year maker’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

Mitox 700SX petrol hedge cutter
Extra-long blade: Mitox 700SX petrol hedge cutter

And the Mitox 700SX Premium Petrol Hedgetrimmer is a machine to give a really professional finish with a long 75 cm single-sided blade.

With this trimmer you can cut large areas of hedging with just a single cut and the cuttings deflector will sweep the cuttings clear as you cut.

The 25.4 cc engine has been designed for an easy start and the third of a litre petrol tank will keep you working longer.

Weighing just 5.3 kg and with a full anti-vibration system it is more comfortable to use over longer periods.

It costs £209 and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty. We deliver it free the next working day. For the full range of Mitox hedgetrimmers see these pages. Our complete range of hedge trimmers is on this page.






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