Ten top brushcutters to keep the garden tidy all summer long

Brushcutters and strimmers are now a weapon of choice when it comes to fighting the annual battle against lawn edges and overgrown patches.

They can be also be used for major tasks like cutting back overgrown fields and paddocks which is where the more powerful machines with metal cutting blades come into their own.

Before choosing which on is right for you bear in mind the tasks you want it to perform. If it just the odd rough patch and lawn edge then the smaller models will suffice.

But if you will use it regularly then chose a more professional model with a powerful engine which will be comfortable to use for longer periods and can cut through thicker weeds and brambles.

So the first one is the Einhell GH-BC petrol brushcutter with a free starter kit, an ideal buy if you have a mix of lawn edges and rougher patches and have not owned one of these machines before.

Einhell GH-BC brushcutter
Free safety kit: Einhell GH-BC brushcutter

German engineered, it has a 25 cc engine and can be used either with a 42 cm strimming head for lawn edges and the like or with a 23 cm metal blade for rougher bits.

It comes with a shoulder harness and chopper handlebars to make it more comfortable to use over longer periods.

The strimming head feeds out more line automatically when you bump it on the ground, saving ages of time spooling it out manually.

It also has a free helmet, face guard and ear muffs worth £25, free protective gloves, worth £10, a fuel mixing bottle and spare line.

It costs £129.95, we were selling it for £149.95, and has a two year warranty from Einhell. We deliver it free the next working day.

The Mountfield MT2801J Two-Stroke Grass Trimmer is a great machine for strimming lawn edges and clearing the straggly bits which grown on up against walls and gates.

Mountfield MT2801J grass trimmer
Easy to use: Mountfield MT2801J grass trimmer

It has a simple bump feed head to give a continuous supply of strimming line and has a loop handle to make it easier to use in restricted spaces.

The 25.4 cc engine is vibration proofed to make it more comfortable to use and the shaft splits so it is easier to store or transport in the car boot. And it weighs just 6.5 kg.

The costs is £159, £20 off the recommended retail price and there is a safety helmet, visor and ear muffs provided free. There are a number of extras like work gloves and engine oil which you can buy for special prices.

And you can but a hedgecutting attachment and a chainsaw pruner for £79 at the same time.

We deliver it free the next working day and there is a two year warranty.

MTD 1033 brushcutter
USA built: MTD 1033 brush cutter

This one is from the USA, the MTD 1033 Petrol Brushcutter with a 33 cc engine producing 1.2 hp and has a full crank to give less vibration and a longer life.

It is very easy to start engine  and has a nylon line strimming head and a brushcutting blade for the tougher stuff.

A full shoulder harness is supplied and with the cowhorn handles it is comfortable to use.

It costs £175, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

This next one is from Italy, the Oleo-Mac BC22S Ultra Lightweight Petrol Brushcutter, weighing only 4.2 kg, light in weight and a powerful performer.

It has a 21.7 cc engine giving great torque at lower revs and the maker’s say it will start with minimum effort in a couple of pulls.

Another advantage is that the 2.4 mm line is very simple to re-load and is comfortable to use with a 150 cm drive shaft and shoulder harness.

It costs £199, £80 less than the maker’s recommended price and has a three year warranty.

We deliver it free the next working day.

Now to a manufacturer often the choice of the professional gardener.

Stihl FS 55 brushcutter
Professionals’ [email protected] Stihl FS 55 brush cutter

The STIHL FS55 Light 0.75KW Brushcutter is a powerful performer yet designed to be light enough for the home gardener to use with ease.

German engineered, it has a 27.2 cc engine which gives bags of power and is designed to give excellent fuel consumption.

Chopper style handles make it easy to use and for such a powerful machine it is remarkably light – weighing in at 5.1 kg. A cutting blade is available as an optional extra.

It costs £259 compared with the recommended price of £287.50 and we deliver it free within two to three working days. It has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Now for a more serious machine, the Efco Stark 3800S Heavy Duty Petrol Brushcutter with Low Emission Engine with a powerful 36.2 cc engine built to withstand longer periods of more intensive use.

Efco stard brush cutter
Hard worker: Efco Stark 3800S heavy duty brush cutter

This one has been designed to take on denser vegetation like brambles and scrub and has a steel drive shaft.

The engine has the company’s ‘Burn Right’ technology to limit emissions and use 40 less fuel  and produce less carbon, all contributing to a machine which will last longer even when tackling the hardest jobs.

It costs £289 compared with the recommended retail price of £359 and has a three year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

There are also special prices on spare line, fuel mixing bottle and face shield with ear muffs and visor.

The Mitox 450UX Premium+ Clearing Saw is a powerful machine with a 42.7 cc engine, an automatic choke and very easy starting.

It has a tough engine cowling and a large fuel tank and comes with a padded harness and a very large fuel tank.

A full anti-vibration harness and chopper handlebars make it comfortable to use over longer periods.

It has a 25.5 cm brushcutting blade and twin line strimming head and costs £349.

We deliver it free the next working dad and it has a two year maker’s warranty.

Now one increasingly the choice of the professionals as well as the keen amateur with large areas to control.

Tanaka TBC270PFDS brushcutter
Japanese engineering: Tanaka TBC270PFDS brush cutter

The Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter has a 27 cc engine and develops 1.4 hp which has been designed to produce few emissions and is very easy to start.

It has a nylon strimming head and a metal blade and with chopper style handlebars is easy to use in all conditions – it weighs just 4.6 kg.

We are selling it for £359, £90 less than the maker’s recommended price and has an extra-long five year warranty for domestic use. We deliver it free the next working day.

Now one from a company a long-time favourite with the professional gardener, the Kawasaki KBH35C Brushcutter, currently on special offer.

Kawasaki KBH35V brushcutter
Tough performer: Kawasaki KBH35C brushcutter

This machine will take on the most demanding brush cutting tasks and is frequently used to cutting down brambles, thick weeds and even gorse.

It has  a 34.4 cc engine and a large fuel tank to allow it to run for 90 minutes without re-fuelling.

The cutting blade has four sharp metal teeth and cowhorn handles make it easy and comfortable to use over prolonged periods – it weighs only 6.5 kg and has a full shoulder harness.

It costs £399, a huge reduction on the maker’s recommended price of £635 and has a five year domestic warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

And the final one is a machine you’ll often see used by contractors, the Husqvarna 143R-II Petrol Brushcutter.

Husqvarna 143R-II brushcutter
One for the professional: Husqvarna 143R-II brushcutter

This one has a 41.5 cc two-stroke engine and has both strimming heads and a brushcutter and the Combi-guard fits them both, a useful safety device.

It also has a heavy duty clutch for greater control and a longer life and a double harness comes as standard.

It costs £499 compared with the recommended retail price of £580 and is delivered free the next working day. And there is a two year warranty from ther manufacturer.

These are just ten of the machine son our site, so go to these pages for the full listing.

And give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like personal advice.

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