England vs Italy: let battle commence

England play Italy in their first world cup game, but we’ve been taking them on for years when it comes to mowing the lawn.

When it comes to wearing the Union Flag, Hayter has been manufacturing top quality mowers for years, a firm favourite when it comes to the traditional British lawn.

In the other corner are the Italians and their Oleo-Mac range of machines. They won’t give you the traditional striped finish but their machines but they are sturdy performers and great value for money.

hARRIERFor the English supporters there’s the Hayter Harrier 41 Push Rear Roller Lawnmower (Code: 410) designed to stripe a small to medium sized lawn and give an excellent cut right down to 13 mm.

With Briggs & Stratton 190 cc engine it is the iconic British mower in racing green and has aerodynamic finds to smooth the grass before it is cut. It also has a metal cutting deck which has a polymer lining to lessen the noise and resist corrosion.

It has a cutter bar friction disc to minimise engine damage should you hit something solid.

It costs £469, £90 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and is delivered free the next working day. And it has a five year warranty from Hayter.

Plus there is a free 10 litre jerry can worth £24.95.

Now the opposition from Italy.

And like their football team this mower, the Oleo-Mac G48-TK Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, has great flair and style.

Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower
Italian made: Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower

With an Emak K600 engine and a cutting width of 46 cm this machine can tackle larger lawns and has great fuel economy.

Cutting heights are from 28 mm to 75 mm and it has a large grass box and as well as having style and flair the mower is solidly built for a long lifer – it has a three year maker’s warranty.

You can save £100 on the maker’s recommended price as this mower is on a special offer and currently costs £219.95. You can also buy a mulch plug for an extra £20.

We deliver it free the next working day.

So as the two countries prepare to join battle on the football pitch you have a choice.

British design, smooth striped finish and tradition or Italian flare and a more traditional finish.

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