Three lawn tractors to tackle the lush Spring growth

The Spring growth is in full swing with paddocks and orchards threatening to become overrun after perfect weather for growth – wet and warm.

Oleo-Mac Tornado lawn tractor
From Italy: Oleo-Mac Tornado lawn tractor

So here are three lawn tractors perfect for tackling those areas as well as keeping larger lawns looking their best.

First is the Oleo-Mac T95/11.5 Lawn & Garden Tractor, a mower ideal for larger unkempt areas. And it has a mulch plug, easily fitted, when you want to mow lawns.

And as a handy extra it comes fitted with a tow bar for use with a garden trailer, lawn roller, garden trailer and so on.

The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 344 cc model with a key start and transmatic semi-automatic transmission which makes speed control very precise. And you can shift gears while on the move.

The cutting width is 95 cm – 38 cm – and it is suitable fort areas from 2000 sq metres to 8000 sq metres.

It costs £1299, £400 off the maker’s recommended retail price and comes with the free mulch kit.

It has a three year warranty and free delivery within three to five working days.

Mountfield 1538M SD lawn tractor
Bargain: Mountfield 1538M SD lawn tractor

Here’s one on special offer, the Mountfield 1538M SD Side-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor Mower.

This too discharges the longer stuff to the side while mulching the better surfaces and also has a tow bar to make it into a year round performer. It has a 423 cc engine and two contra rotating blades to produce excellent airflow and has cutting g heights down to 25 mm and up to 80 mm.

It has five forward and one reverse gears and wide tyres to give excellent grip when it gets damp and it is also fitted with twin headlights, handy when  it gets a bit murky.

It costs £1499, £200 off the maker’s recommended price and that includes the mulch kit and tow bar.

It is delivered free within three to five working days and has a two year warranty from Mountfield.

And the third is the German-engineered Al-Ko T16-92HDH Special Edition Lawn Tractor, this one powered by a twin-cylinder Honda engine.

Al-Ko Powerline lawn tractor
Honda engine: Al-Ko Powerline lawn tractor

This has a Hi-Lift blade to propel even wet clippings into the 220-litre grass box which can be emptied without leaving the driving seat.

This has hydrostatic drive to give very precise speed control, much like an automatic car.

With a 92 cm cutter deck fitted with anti-scalp wheels it is an ideal lawn tractor for larger properties. Another handy feature is the wash port where you can attach a garden hose for fast cleaning of the cutter deck.

And as an added incentive you receive a free steel tipping trailer, normally costing £179, with this machine.

It costs £2099, £500 off the maker’s recommended retail price and has a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

We deliver it within two to three working days.

Give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you need further information or see these pages for a truly massive selection of similar garden machinery.



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