Summer weather – and reasons to be cheerful

Summer weather - and reasons to be cheerful
    With summer fast approaching, many of us will be hoping for some fine weather so we can head into the garden and start work on this month's jobs – or maybe just to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Although spring started early this year, the weather has been largely changeable, with heavy showers, more prolonged rain and a few warmer spells in-between. 

Bank holiday was far from ideal, with most of the country experiencing some showery weather. The Atlantic is set to influence the UK over the coming weekend, the BBC reports, bringing wetter weather to the west and the possibility of drier conditions further east.

As we head into June, low pressure is expected to affect the north of the UK while the Azores high attempts to edge in from the south. As this weather system brings more settled conditions, the south looks set to enjoy the best of the weather. Temperatures could remain average or edge just above.

Similar weather looks set to dominate the middle of June, with some bright and sunny spells but also showers and some longer periods of rain. Temperatures are set to remain close to average.

Looks like fairly typical British weather, really. No need to get too depressed, though, because according to a leading happiness expert, the weather doesn't affect our mood.

Paul Dolan, professor of behavioral science at the London School of Economics, says that studies comparing people's levels of happiness in California and the north-west revealed no differences. This is because people simply get used to living in sunny conditions.

"Most of the time the weather doesn't affect our wellbeing at all. But when we think about it, and think that it does, that’s when we get miserable," the professor said.

He has written a book, Happiness by Design, in which he argues that people can essentially "think" themselves happier by paying attention to the things that make us feel good and reallocating our time "towards both pleasure and purpose".

Next time you find yourself complaining about the weather, then, it could be worth looking on the bright side of life.

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