Exclusive promotions on Mountfield brushcutters

The lawns are in full growth at the moment and regular mowing, sometimes even more than once a week depending on the soil type and weather, will give you a great looking finish.

But the lawn edges and neglected corners of the garden are also putting on a spurt and need trimming back if they are not to ruin the overall appearance.

So here are three great brush cutters to do the trick all on exclusive promotion.

The first is the Mountfield MT2801J Two-Stroke Grass Trimmer is a curved shaft line trimmer designed to clean up lawn and path edges.

Mountfield MT2801J grass trimmer
Easy to use: Mountfield MT2801J grass trimmer

It weighs just 6.5kg and is very easy to handle with its loop handle and has a 25.4 cc two-stroke engine.

An anti-vibration system makes it comfortable to use over longer periods and the shaft splits for easier storage. Extra strimming line is automatically fed out by simply tapping the head on the ground.

When you buy this model you receive a free safety helmet, ear muffs and visor worth £24.95 completely free. There are also special offers on oil, spare line and a mixing bottle as well.

It costs £159, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty from Mountfield.

The Mountfield MB2801J Two-Stroke Brushcutter has a straight shaft and as well as a strimming head has a metal blade for trimming back the tougher stuck like thicker weeds and brambles.

Mountfield MB2801J brushcutter
Great little worker: Mountfield MB 2801J

Again with a 25.4 cc engine and a tap ‘n’ go strimming head it is easy to use in more confined spaces and comfortable as well with a full anti-vibration system. And there is also a shoulder harness for longer jobs.

The shaft can be split for easier transport and storage and with this one you can also buy an articulated hedge trimmer and a chain pruner, both cost only £79 extending the use of the brushcutter.

It costs £179, £30 off the maker’s recommended retail price and has a free safety helmet, visor and ear muffs and a range of other extras at special prices.

And the Mountfield MB4251 Four-Stroke Brushcutter is a stronger machine with a four stroke engine

Mountfield MB 4251 brushcutter
Fewer emissions: Mountfield brushcutter

to lessen vibrations and is quieter and more comfortable to use.

Fitted with a metal cutting blade for the rough stuff and a strimming head for the lawn and paths edges it is light and simple to use as there is no need to mix the fuel.

It has an aluminium shaft to keep the weight down and give the machine a longer life – it has a five year warranty from Mountfield.

The safety helmet with visor and ear muffs is free and you can buy extras like work gloves and spare line at special prices when you place your order.

It costs £279, £50 less than the recommended retail price and is delivered free the next working day.

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