Mowers made with the perfectionist in mind

If you’re looking for a short, perfectly-striped lawn, then the mowers that come to mind are those from Allett.

British-made, traditional and unrivalled in their field, these are the mowers used by groundsmen around the country for mowing cricket pitchers, tennis courts and bowling greens.

And they’re also the choice of home owners who settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to their own gardens.

The little Allett Classic 14L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower is a great little machine if you have a smaller lawn but still want perfection.

Allett 14l cylinder mower
Perfect finish: Allett 14l cylinder mower

The cutting width is 14 in – 35 cm – but it cuts down to 6 mm to give a really tight finish.

Puttering it along is an 87 cc engine which drives the five blade cutting cylinder as well as providing forward motion.

The handlebars are adjustable to suit the user’s height and the grass box holds 32 litres of clippings.

You can also buy a scarifying cassette to tease out the dead grasses and moss to keep the lawn in perfect condition.

The mower costs £599, £40 off the maker’s listed retail price and the mower has a one year warranty. It is delivered free the next working day.

Allett Kensington mower
Terrific finish: Allett Kensington mower

The Kensington is the next range up and the Allett Kensington 17K Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower would be the mower of choice for a larger lawn with a six bladed cylinder and a cutting width of 17 in – 43 cm.

This one has a 98 cc engine and a fuel tank which can hold 1.6 litres and is fitted with an adjustable rake in ahead of the front rollers to help collect debris which may settle on the lawn.

The double-section rear roller and front zinc-plated front roller will leave a brilliant finish right down to 6 mm and up to 32 mm.

The grass box holds 62 litres and if you want an even better finish a 10-bladed cassette is available. You can also buy a scarifying cartridge.

This one has a two year warranty from Allett and costs £1089, £60 less than the RRP. We deliver it free the next working day.

And the company’s bigger machine is the Allett Westminster 20H Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower with a 12-bladed cassette, a mower used by top sporting clubs and country houses throughout the country.

Allett Kensington lawn mower
British perfection: Allett Westminster  lawn mower

This has a 20 in cut – 51 cm – and has a 196 cc engine with a 3.1 litre fuel tank and tin rollers give a very precise cut and an adjustable rake fitted between the two rollers.

The cutting height on this one goes right down to 2.4 mm and up to 19 mm and is adjusted by a knob.

It costs £3390, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

See our lawnmower pages for a huge selection of mowers from little hand-propelled ones right up to lawn tractors made to tackle several acres.


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