Get away from it all with a gardening holiday

Get away from it all with a gardening holiday
    For most people, "getting away from it all" means leaving all our chores, hobbies and – most importantly – work behind and escaping for some hard-earned peace and quiet.

While many of us dream of whiling away the hours on an exotic beach, others opt for action-filled adventure holidays in the countryside.

If you're a keen gardener, though, you might not want to leave your hobby at home. For those of us who can't get enough of gardening, there are plenty of options to indulge our passion while getting some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The UK is famous for its horticulture and there are plenty of chances for us to visit gardens on a day trip or even as a long weekend break.

But if you fancy venturing further afield, many companies now offer holidays based around a gardening theme in far-flung parts of the world.

The Royal Horticultural Society has a number of such holidays, offering you the opportunity to find out how cultures differ in their approach to gardening.

You might fancy taking a trip to Japan, to contrast their traditional gardening with a British approach. Japanese gardeners tend to create miniature idealised landscapes and many gardens were specifically designed to induce tranquility and aid contemplation.

Spain may evoke images of sun, sea and sand for many Brits, but it's also home to some spectacular gardens. The Generalife Gardens in Granada were built during the Moorish rule of southern Spain and are renowned for their distinctive beauty.

In Andalusia, the Alameda del Tajo gardens are set on the edge of a spectacular gorge above the River Tajo and are home to cypress, laurel, toa, redbud and many other varieties of vegetation.

Rome is another location famous for its gardens. Many tours take in the nearby Villa d'Este in Tivoli, a beautiful example of an Italian Renaissance garden. 

Set on the slope of a hill, the garden makes excellent use of water, with cascades, water tanks, troughs and pools, water jets and fountains. Having paid a visit, I know it certainly makes for a welcome break on a hot summer day.

So next time you fancy going on holiday, why not take your hobby with you? It might even inspire some new ideas for your garden.

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